Animated Mobs [Caves & Cliffs - Part 1]

Bring your game to life with creatures that can now blink, even have better animations or improvements to their skins! You can also adapt these animations to almost any other texture!

Who wouldn't want to spice up their game with creatures that can blink or have their animations enhanced? And best of all, you don't need a behavior pack for this and you can adapt it to other textures!

Here I bring you a good pack that you can use all the time, keeping the vanilla look of Minecraft.

Blink animations adapt to any texture as long as they eyes are in the same position. Other animations like open mouths and others do not adapt to other packages.

But this package could not have been possible had it not been for the help of KID丶SKY, he teach me how to do these animations. I must also thank Netongas NG who helped me to correct the problem of the package compatibility on different devices, I am very grateful to both!



New Animations!

-Goats can now blink.
-Villagers and cats shake their heads slightly and close their eyes when sleeping.

Some mobs were not visible here, but I am going to improve the presentation as I already mentioned. You can see the video where the animations are better shown.

Coming soon!

This package will have big changes, among these there will be a better animation of blinking, movement of the mouth in some mobs, movement of the eyebrows, movement of pupils, rocking when walking for most mobs and other surprise things.

For the moment I have released this small update, the next one will take time to finish.

And I'll make a better presentation for the package.


Animated Mobs for Minecraft Bedrock Edition



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-Goats can now blink.
-Villagers and cats shake their heads slightly and close their eyes when sleeping.

-Fixed links (again...)

MCPE DL, I want to request a link change, this will stop being "blinking-mobs-pack" and will now be "animated-mobs-be-pack"


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How to install the package

•To install the ZIP file you just have to go to your Downloads folder, unzip the file and move the texture folder to the path "games/com.mojang /resource_packs", so that you will have the add-on available in the game.

•To install the MCPACK file you must go to your Downloads folder, touch the file and in the options to Open you must choose Minecraft, this will open the game and automatically import the texture.

•It is necessary that every time you update the add-on you delete the previous folder so that there is no problem with Minecraft detecting duplicate packages.

•You only need to download one file, they both work the same, it's just up to you how you want to install it.

Supported Minecraft versions

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4.82 / 5 (38 votes)
how to download it? it always bring me to linkvertise and give nothing!
Just click download with mcpedl just wait and no ads will show up
animated pupil of the eye and eyes can make bigger
Please you could do AND a player animation for this texture pack/addon?
This is amazing. Thank you very much. I wished for this for years.
the cow and pig models for me have their torsos flipped 90 degrees counter clock-wise to when their heads are on the left side of your screen
When will the part2 come out. i am waiting for it.
I just wanna say, great job on putting hard work and effort on this texture pack. I have some animation suggestions one every time when a mob makes a sound it opens its mouth(like talking) and two when a mob was fed by a player the mob will start the eating animation.
Hello! I’d like to start out by saying you did a really good job on this pack! It’s one of my favourites. Although I did notice something. The pig’s blinking animation is not in sync. The eyes start to close at different times and it looks a bit wonky.
Gracias por la nueva actualización, pero porque tenías que usar Linkvertise como acortador :'V
Olvidalo, ya me di cuenta que no necesita que me descargue la extensión XD
También iba a usar AdFly pero el enlace tenía un problema y AdFly no lo corregía
i can download it, but it wont transfer to my game. I tried with other texture packs just to be sure -they worked- can you fix this if your not to busy? Thanks for reading, have a nice day :)
Just download the zip file and if you don't know how to use the zip file, I suggest you should watch tutorials about it.
Perfect🤩 Thank you
what kind of picture is that?!
Я понимаю, что вы меня вряд-ли поймёте, просто хотел поставить 5 звёзд за старания. Красавчик.