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Published on September 13, 2017 (Updated on December 27, 2017)

Block Party [Minigame]

Block Party is a minigame which takes place on a platform which looks like a dance floor. Every new level you will retrieve a random colored block in your inventory. You then have less than 10 seconds to find a block on the platform with that same color or else die. It's a really fun and sometimes intense multiplayer minigame!

Creator: FabianDroiid, Twitter Account
Updated: 27 December, 2017 (read changelog)

How to play?

All of the text and information in the map is in Spanish. It doesn't really matter though. I don't know Spanish and I had no problems playing it. Press the ON button once you've entered the world.

The three buttons on the right (in the screenshot down below) appears to be different gamemodes. For example, the first (furthest left) is non-PvP and the 2nd (middle) is PvP and so on.

Players will receive a random block in their inventory. Find a block on the platform with that same color and stand on it!



  • Bug fixes


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To disable gamemode protection...
Just enter this command on this map:

/setblock 820 4 29 air
Wow I didn't know that there were zombies.
How to go in creative do /gamemode c if says cheats arent enabled then press pause button on ios back for android then click settings scroll all the way down & toggle cheats on.
PUG PARTY (great map btw)
anybody know which command block doesnt allow you to go into creative
I can’t stand those. Even if you figure out which one it is, you can’t break it in survival mode.
Found the command block that turns gamemode to adventure, just used Blocktopograph (Android) or MCCToolChestPE (Win10) to find it:

Just type /setblock 820 4 29 air
I blew everything up to go in creative
With /summon tnt
DIS IS AWESOME!!!! ???????????????????
The title "block party 1.0 (minigame). But not said only 1.2. I really git pissed when it said. "this outdated. make a newer version please"
Editor how did you put music in it it look very funny xD good job I always wanted to play block party now I have the world thank you so much for your map 5 stars ?????
But really how u out music :P I really wanna know
Found out the hard way this only available for 1.2. It should've been mentioned in the description.
Why didn't you take the curtacy to atleast change the text to English?