Published on July 01, 2020 (Updated on July 01, 2020)

Block Randomizer (Addon)

This add-on will randomize any block that any player in your world touches with another randomly selected block, every block in the game has been added to the randomizer including all the new blocks from the 1.16 update

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-Added new features to the addon

-made it multiplayer compatible

-Added a more detailed explanation of what the addon does 


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Great addon. Just one issue, but it’s not too bad. When crouching, the blocks only sometimes change under you. Not sure if this is intended or if they’re actually supposed to change even when crouched.
I cant downlod
Did you know this lets you get an education edition exclusive block? ?
Amazing Add-on!!! Works perfectly on windows 10 1.16!!! Keep up the good work!
What are the commands?