BlockBerry Studios - Function Pack

BlockBerry proudly presents a function pack! This pack includes multiple things, such as buildings, pranks, and helpful commands. We will add world edit commands to the mix soon! So be ready!!

This is a function pack to bring you extra fun in your world. We are going to update this pack in the near future, and add some world editing tools!

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Available Commands: (All start with a /function tag)

  • Kill - This command will kill all entities near the player, within their render distance
  • Vanish - This will make the player invisible
  • Kit - You will receive a kit that spawns next to you after you type the command
  • Credits - Tells you who contributed to the map
  • Speed - Gives everyone a speed affect
  • Up - Makes everyone except yourself float up high into the air then come down and die
  • Trap - Traps everyone but yourself inside of obsidian
  • House - Creates a nice little house for you to enjoy
  • Farm - This will create a villager farm with crops


Function Pack Maker - DeniTax

Team - BlockBerry Studios

Supported Minecraft versions

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3.8 / 5 (5 votes)
This is cool, but the ad.fy ad was literally three pictures of nude women with the text “pick one”. Oof ads. ?

Nice function, tho.
adfly is a virus site get an anti virus rn!
/function World edit doesn’t work can you guys tell me the commands for world edit pleas someone reply
It's /function World edit
Is this available for iOS?
Hey answer me ... cos it's trying to virus me and can't download it
Os bebês dragões estão bugados, quando vc acasala dois dragões domados o bebê nasce bugado
Would this work with 1.11
Can you make this available for 1.10?
I understand how one would make all of these, but how are you planning to make world-edit commands? I do know about the clone command, but you'd have to have coordinates to use it, and I can't QUITE think how you'd set those.
TheKantapapa Reuploads March 26, 2019 at 10:07 am
i got a idea
Is there a version for 1.10? I just updated the Minecraft app and I’d like to use this