Published on May 12, 2018 (Updated on August 05, 2019)

BlockPixel Texture Pack

BlockPixel is a cartoon styled texture pack with vibrant colors and detailed textures. It has been actively updated during a period of seven years. The core idea is to bring more square patterns to the game design. You will most definitely notice a great shift to your in-game graphics as soon as you've applied the texture pack. Creator: Jakob_zero, 

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- Running in Version 1.12

- Fixed the model that caused the crash.


  • BlockPixel.mcpack

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Lleva desde 2018 sin actualizar. Que pasa ? Se nos murio el creador o que? O donde puedo encontrar la actualizacion
It's sold on the marketplace. Let's search.
I really want the download in .zip, and you can make the texture in 1.18 version?
I would like a version of this for 1.17
I would love to see this work in 1.17! Great job!
It's not copyright! It's made by the same person!
actually.. . he copied himself. he didnt even think about his self's feelings. how scummy.
It says one download failed
Please make an update
You can find this pack at the Marketplace :)
we're not paying for it, and also the 2 packs are different
Guest-3086505874 May 22, 2020 at 1:51 am
It's free? I do not understand
So some packs like Mizuno or this one is now in the Marketplace. They no longer allow free downloads of it. But some people still keep them on.
I'm not paying for this
Yea no, if i want to support the creator, paying through Microsoft is a no no (even if Mojang is part of Microsoft)
Very Good!
every time i try to switch accounts it goes back to the normal look but the pack is awesome
Even of you don't update it anytime soon I want to let you know this resource pack is very good! You're very talented!
1.14 update please!!!! ㅠㅜ
It's now on the Marketplace
It was on the marketplace before he posted this pack
He did not post this

The developer said no more free distribution so this is not allowed.
The Chainmail Looks Soo Cool!
todo bien me gusta el ´paquete de texturas pero hoy se estreno la vercion 1.13.0 y me descarge los aspectos de fundadores con capa y cuando quiero ponerla a mi personaje la pone enfrente de el no atras ,y eso es un error muy grande ya que en la vercion pasada ya estaba muy bien.