Hello, I present to you the "Blockus" plugin, this plugin adds a total of 38 totally new blocks in our Minecraft PE.

Most of the blocks are made of stone bricks, but this is the first version of many more that I will make.

The first thing we will do is find the Rainbow Ore.

This Ore It is usually found between layer 0 to layer 40. 

This Ore can be broken with anything or object that is in the game.

Once we break the mineral, it will leave us the same block which we broke, the "Rainbow Ore".                                                                                                                                  Once we have the Rainbow Ore, we will go to an oven.

When we are in the oven, we will put the Rainbow Ore to cook, and it will leave us a new object called "Rainbow Ingot"

Once we have the "Rainbow Ingot", we will go to a rock cutter.

Once we are in the rock cutter, we will place the "Rainbow Ingot" in the rock cutter and we will get 38 new blocks!

Block List:

-Zigzagged Teal Nether Bric
-Zigzagged Stone Brick
-Zigzagged Red Nether Brick
-Zigzagged Polished Blackstone
-Zigzagged Nether Brick
-Zigzagged Granite
-Zigzagged End Stone Brick
-Zigzagged Diorite
-Zigzagged Charred Nether Brick
-Zigzagged Brick
-Zigzagged Andesite
-Yellow Stone Brick
-Blue Stone Brick
-Pink Stone Brick
-Crimson Blackstone Brick
-Bluestone Brick
-Soul Sandsone Brick
-Granite Brick
-Obsidian Brick
-White Stone Brick
-Andesite Brick
-Black Stone Brick
-Magenta Stone Brick
-Red Stone Brick
-Cyan Stone Brick
-Green Stone Brick
-Brown Stone Brick
-Purple Stone Brick
-Diorite Brick
-Limenstone Brick
-Red Sandstone Brick
-Sandstone Brick
-Purpur Brick
-Honeycomb Brick
-Large Brick
-Orange Stone Brick
-Gray Stone Brick
-Lime Stone Brick


If you want to upload this addon to your channel, or to other websites, by changing the download links, creating your own download links or not leaving credits, the following will happen:

-Your video could be removed from Youtube. 

-We could report your website. 

So that none of this happens to you, you will have to leave the link of the McpeDL page or that of my blog.

Select version for changelog:

At the moment no changes have been made to this addon.



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linkvertis wants me to add a browser extention...... ya no plz add a proper link
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According to Minecraft’s EULA (this is for the US, but I imagine it would be the same for other countries too), you have the right to be credited for your work (As long as the majority of it is original content), but we don’t have to keep the same download links, or link to your blog. You don’t have the ability to copyright strike a website or video for this either.
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Please fix the download link
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How do you get a submission approved?
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Also I have discovered how to make a armor model for any piece of armor(make the component group include the rideable component & the spawnentity component(spawn an entity with no collision box & make it be the armor piece), however this is a prototype & I may create a better version later).
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why did you say rock cutter and oven instead of stonecutter and furnace
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I tried going to download but sent me to nsfw website for nsfw game
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I am reporting this add on bc it sends me to a hentai game or bang bros now shut up and send us real link bc ur getting reported
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Download doesnt work for me, can you do a mediafire?
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