Blocky Grass | Skin Pack

Have fun with your friends with this pack of skins with which you can camouflage yourself among the minecraft blocks and take the fun beyond the basics with your friends, in this pack of skins you can find several types of fun blocks of earth and grass since Some have very interesting clothes that you can enjoy and you can also learn to conserve the environment, the environment and the environment of Minecraft.

Blockys Grass Skin Pack | Earth Day

A new skin pack came to the TwitchTube and Minecraft community, now you can take care of the earth with us and enjoy these magnificent earth day skins that contain 10 magnificent skins for users of the Minecraft community, created by our beautiful content creator Yahir RPS helping Let's Take Care of the Earth on April 22!

Enjoy with this mask pack of 2 magnificent skins for you to occupy between the earth and the skins with the symbol of the Minecraft earth block!

Welcome to the Blocky Grass package



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By YahirRPS & TwitchTube






Images of skins:


(!) More skins will arrive very soon, I assure you all uwu

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HOW TO INSTALL SkinPack? (.mcpack)

1- Download .mcpack 

2- Open the file and wait for it to automatically import into Minecraft

More info:

Supported Minecraft versions

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