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Published on September 17, 2014 (Updated on September 17, 2014)

Blokkit Mod

Wish it want BlockLauncher :(
Can you make this for windows 10 too? It doesn't work for windows 10... :(
this is a blocklaucher mod and this mod is out of date
That GUI was the 3DS Minecraft GUI
I’ve seen people in online games playing as Blokkits. When they die their skin is of that block. Do u know how to do that? Can I play as a Blokkit?
How do iOS & Android get Everything?!?!?!
Why the download button send me to another Blokkit mod of this site? In the other one there are only 7 tipes of those cute little mobs, not 14 :c
Does this work on iOS??
This is basically a PE version of the PC Blocklings mod.
My blokkit spawns but its a villager
Hi! i would like to asked what version of MCPE is compatible to this mod ?
It was tested in 0.9.0 or something like that. It's probably outdated by now.
Hi, I am playing Minecraft Pocket Edition on my Samsung Galaxy. Today I installed this mod and opened blocklauncher. As usual, the egg spawner was in my inventory, ready to be used. As I tapped the screen, I got what was expected: a cute blokkit! Then I wanted to place a wooden table (from MrCrayFish's furniture mod) right next to my new blokkit. It didn't look good, I thought. So I broke the block and...THE APP CRASHED!!! I opened the app again and I was still there in my world and I didn't see anything strange until...THERE WAS A CHICKEN IN THE PLACE OF THE BLOKKIT! I was angry and so I killed the chicken. Then I took another egg spawner from my inventory. I tapped the screen again...(This time I chose the Glowstone Blokkit)...And...*POOF* THERE WAS A CHICKEN...AGAIN. No no no no no. I did NOT download this just to get a chicken. I downloaded this because I WANTED TO GET THOSE CUTE LITTLE BLOKKITS! Help me! And to all of you Minecraft PE players out there that are reading my comment, please DO NOT get this mod! And to the mod maker, I'm begging you to fix this! Thank you for your understanding of my issue. BTW my name is Minecraft Girl!
Hello! This is a common problem for many older mods. Some of the older mods where new mobs are introduced have this issue that whenever you leave a world and then return the spawned mobs will turn into default Minecraft mobs, e.g. chickens. Nothing we can do about it.
I can't get an egg spawner, in creative it doesn't show any and in survival i enter an egg spawner I'D from this webpage and it doesn't work. Please help.
Hi there Kamdroid, I have read your comment. You can get the egg spawners, but first you must also get the Too Many Items Mod. Then at the top left of your screen you will see a capital M. Tap on it and you will see a larger inventory. Okay! Now it's time to get this mod. Install and import it. Now open the same inventory that you opened before and flip though those pages. There they are, the egg spawners! I hope this helps!
is there a way to get block launcher for I pad
I downloaded the texture and the mod then tried to enable the mod and it said

**Editor removed lots of error message**

What can i do
It won't work for the latest version of MCPE I think.