Published on December 02, 2016

Blood Evening [Adventure] (Horror!)

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But i give this map a 3 out a 5.
Hello author, this map of yours is very good, can I bring it to China?
the world was broke!! the chunks were broke up can you fix that pls
This was awesome ? but it was in survival so I could smash doors!!!!!!!!
This is stupid you put silverfish blocks Instead of regular blocks
Media file works fine for me great map btw
You can Get the Addon ! Follow My Step :
1.Download the map in format .zip
2.Extract it
3.Open The Blood Evening World
4.You See the resource_packs and behaviors_packs
5.Click it On Resource First
6.You See The Folder
7.Copy It to games/com.mojang/resource_packs/paste here
8.Do it To Behavior as Same Way
9.But Put them into games/com.mojang/behaviors_packs/paste here
10.Enjoy !!!

You Must Generate Random World And do Same way Installing Resource and Behavior and Enjoy The Blood Evening Addon That used to this Horror map
TLC Toon Link Chihahua March 15, 2017 at 7:05 pm
Hey what's the addon for this map?
Herobrine AWSOME map to make shure I went through it map more maps I comented
Awesome game I love it
My fav Horror map EVER ❤️??
I need help, I can't download it, no idea why. I tried many times but it doesn't work, I press download and the words turn orange, but nothing happens. ?
Cant download it. It gets stuck on the media fire webside when i press download it just loads and loads then says unable to open so can u send the link to go straight to the download page?
Can't wait to try Map?