Published on May 05, 2017 (Updated on May 05, 2017)

BLPE Shaders


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It crashes, I have an iPad Pro with 8 gb ram so im not sure whats up
The_Minecraft_Gamer May 31, 2021 at 5:42 pm
Awsome so good shaders
and my rating is a 0
this mod just kicked me out of the minecraft app
This looks nice
i am on a school cumputer how do i get them on it
it just crashes even i use beta
What a low end device kid
never seen it my eyes
Guest-1527525666 May 17, 2020 at 5:46 pm
Hey, you this shaders only work on minecraft version under 1.11 yeah it before mojang change name minecraft poket edition to bedrock edition.
The folder shader was change code. So you cant run this shader on new version. If you want run this shader. Please remove file renderchunk.vertek and all file on shader to new library teksture pack>shader>glsl>(paste in this folder). Done
does not work. everything in the nether is invisible. when you swim everything turns invisible to and there is a giant black box behind the sun.don't download this mod its a waste of even the little amount of storage that it takes up.
I should've probably read the ratings first cause now I cant go on minecraft, it keeps kicking me off. I was excited to try the texture pack but now I cant even get on.
To fix it first go to to any file manager>games>com.mojang>search blpe shaders>delete blpe shaders folder>and youre done>open mc and it will be playable again>but the shaders will be gone. That how to fix it
Guest-1619636579 May 18, 2020 at 5:32 pm
That happened to me to how do you fix it..
Guest-7621168513 May 30, 2020 at 7:38 pm
You’re going to have to delete the shader files from the game simple if you have iOS I don’t know about android.
This shader is horrible I can't even open my minecraft again! Don't download this unless you want to lose all you're worlds!!!
Aight, don't want to hate on the guy. I just want to know how to stop it from crashing my game. I entered it into global resources like an idiot, and now I can't get past the loading screen. Someone. Please. Help. Thanks in advance!
Get es file explorer click on home the com.mojang go to resource packs find blpe and delete it hope it helps :)
No, just no. It's opaque, around the sun is this huge black thing and below mobs is their grey shadow which is also very opaque.