Bluestone Ore Add-on (1.13+)

This Add-on adds a new ore in your game. The Bluestone Ore! It is a very rare ore, which serves for you to craft new Bluestone Tools. You can also craft the Bluestone Block! This block serves for decoration, and also you can craft Bluestone Blocks to store in your chest, if in case you find many Bluestone Ores, and your chest get full. Then when you need Bluestones, it's only you get the Bluestone Blocks, put it on the Crafting Table, and again craft the Bluestones to get their tools! You can also get all the Bluestone Tools with the following command: /function bluestone_tools.


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Please add the armor and tools
Make it compitable with minecraft 1.16
Guess what!!!
1. Search up "Minecraft village and pillage update trailer" on youtube.
2. Click the first vid.
3. Pause it at this exact time: 0.44
4. Can you see the cleric on the left throws bluestone???
cant download because of 2shrt
You Need to press and hold the Captcha-box or click it with your Right mouse button and click "Select all". Then you should be able to Click the Box. Scroll down and tab the "<"-Button after that. Wait 15 seconds on the next Webpage, then press and hold the "Get link"-Button or click it with your Right mouse button. Select "Copy link" and paste it into a new tab. You should be redirected to mediafire.
It puts me in an endless loop.
Add New Items Bluestone repeaters placeable bluestone bluestone comparator unlit bluestone torch bluestone lamp and a unique feature for bluestone then redstone for technical builds
It wont let me download pls help
It is only avalable for people with the beta and onwards. I assume it didn't work because you could be using 1.12.0.
In the Village and Pillage trailer.
These are dumb links
If you not using mediafire i automatically click off
Only complaint is that the blocks and weapons don’t appear in the creative menu. Otherwise, works great. Also, to the people complaining about the links not working, make sure you have an Xbox live account and are logged in and if the link doesn’t work the first time or gives you a virus, just reload the link or do the download process over again. This works.
the weapons don't do the damage they say they do also the pickaxe does not work
sorry I forgot but their is no pickaxe
If I where u, I would make the scitimar nerfd cuz it needs to have at least 1 more blue stone in the respite. Cuz it just cost the same, or make it do damage but NOT have as much durability that’s my problem. Also, blue stone armor could be made out of the blocks OH WAIT! New weapon idea ? blue stone FAT SWORD ? cost manny blue stone blocks. And blue stone thick sword, cost much more blue stone than normal sword. Anyways the blue stone armor can be added once that add armor adding ability’s.
It works, idk why people are saying it doesn't, im using xbox one to download and use
The link Doesn't Work after I press the Get Link button It just sends me to Nowhere and keeps on loading forever
Link not working
Dear team infinite mind i have wish from can you add godzilla addon,this godzilla naturaly spawn every where,enemy godzilla boss drop a godzilla egg block when godzilla was killed,and wait for 3 minute ti hatch from egg and when godzilla was hatched the baby godzilla was hatched to tame the godzilla you must feed him a meat to tame and growing up,baby,kid,teen and adult ok,this godzilla can ride but must to wear a saddle to ride it and control able,jumpable and swim able i hope you add this addon ok,thank you