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Published on September 21, 2020 (Updated on September 21, 2020)

Boat Fix | 1.13 - 1.16+

Have you always pissed off the fact that you can use boats to get through walls? Even through the bedrock? Then this simple addon is for you! With it, you simply cannot put the boat so that it goes through the blocks!

As you already understood from the bief introduction, this addon (rather a fix) fixes one bug with which you can go through any blocks using a boat. Also, this addon is compatible with all addons! (but not compatible with addons that change boats naturally). When the player tries to place the boat so that it goes through the blocks, it will simply drop. Works with all types of boats. But from any boat, only an oak boat is dropped, since it is not yet possible to check the type of boat.


Not recommended for use on the beta version of minecraft.

Without addon:


With addon:

Download description (wrote here because here you can pictures):

For mobile📱 (if you are using Google Chrome):

Click "Download" and then:






6. In addition to discover articles, there may be more steps!


And when everything is done, we press "Сontinue"


For PC💻 the instruction is the same only the actions on the first 2 pictures are skipped.


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me: *sees first line of the desc* no, not really
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nah i like this bug so i can escape prisons why should i download this lol
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thanks for the mod now my friends can break into my house
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I am the only who didnt know about that bug?
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I didint even know about that glich happens i learn that glich today
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