Published on June 21, 2020

Boat To Car Resource Pack

Want to drive without problems with add-ons? Don't want to spoil the game with detailed car models? Then the Boat to Car resource pack will help you! In the “Boat To Car” resource pack, ordinary boats have been replaced with cars in the style of minecraft! It is enough to put blue or other ice on the ground and start moving!

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I listened to the opinions of users of this site, now adfly is used to download the resource pack

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Hey can i use this for a school project
can u make dis not a adfly pls
hi but can u pls not use adfly bc ive been getting alot of viruis from adfly
Link isn't even attached.
Please don't use adfly It installed a insecurity on my tablet
it wont let me dowload
Um, the adfly link doesn't work, can you please give me a direct link to download, please?
Unfortunately no. Resource pack cannot change car speed. Perhaps I will make an update and an addon that can accelerate the boat.
I love this texture pack idea soooo much but I have one thing
Can you plz make the car faster?