Published on June 17, 2020 (Updated on August 25, 2020)

Borderless (Connected) Glass

This texture pack simply removes the borders of glass to give your worlds a better look!

Note: For The best experience activate in Global textures so it will be applied to all of your worlds!


Here is how glass looks like with texture pack on:


- Share texture pack only using the link.

- Use it wherever you want, If its being used in a video give credits.

- Do not re-post.

Select version for changelog:

- Updated link as I the link shrinker that is being used will fully stop working soon.


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3.6 / 5 (5 votes)
RIP this best bordered glass addon
when u buy minecraft java and minecraft be and pe connected glass
not buy minecraft HACKING
This addon is disable by admin right now
the clear one looks really ugly cuz its literally invisible I don't like it, at least make the edges.
How is it Ugly If you cant see it???
Hi im having trouble with the link, is there a direct mediafire or some other link that I can use? Thanks!
Is it a secure download? It takes me to and then and makes me install a chrome extension... I don't know if I should go through with it.
Just keep clicking continue and closing the pop ups until you get to the actual download page. Had to click continue and close pop ups like 4 times before it actually brung me to correct next page
can you make glass texture like minecraft java edition
nice but can you make regular glass like..add some more texture to it to make it easier to see because I'm struggling so hard to see the regular glass. great texture pack tho
I'm going to say that this texture pack is good. Finally I can have connected glass.
This texture pack is very nice, it does it's job and unlike other glass texture packs I had experience with the smooth quartz textures stays smooth. Too be nit picky, I would say the glass pane texture isn't all that smooth between the top and bottom pane, so horizontally there is still a slight border, but besides that I have no complaints, nor is this complaint a big problem. On the upside, the texture pack is perfect, the colors are true to the original texture and the pack supports 1.16. Nice work sir, and have a good day.
Fixed, thanks for your feedback!
Can you make it like Java pls?
Currently impossible on Bedrock edition as Texture pack, sorry.
Is there a version of this with borders? Just curious if you made one with it but anyways nice work though
Looks great, except you forgot to remove the borders on the top and bottom of connected glass panes.
Link quebrado