Published on September 06, 2021 (Updated on September 06, 2021)

Boss Battle!

Wanted to fight different bosses in Minecraft? This map is for you!You can fight many bosses. And all the bosses are strong!The bosses on this map are all command-driven except for their appearance!Announcement of my friendThis distribution world makes bosses and self-made bosses that respond to boss requests on the youtube channel.Please play!I'm waiting for your request!Please subscribe to the youtube channel! 

Do not change the settings on this map. The game will stop working. (Especially commands and add-ons)


This map is available in Japanese and English.


This is a video of this map.

(This video is for Japanese people. We are currently creating English subtitles, so please wait ...)


Let's introduce this map


There are currently 4 bosses on this map.


He has the ability to stop time.
He mainly attacks with Fang.
You may not be able to fight back if you are near him during the time stop!


He can use simple magic.
But he can't let his guard down because he uses magic very well.
He will be resurrected once! The fight with him may be tough.


She uses lightning!
The attack is very flashy!
Fire more chasing bullets and take instant death damage if hit!


Cool he makes full use of illusions.
Make misleading attacks such as confusing you, summoning his alter ego, or shaking your field of vision.
The last attack is a ridiculous skill! can avoid?

Currently there are only these four people. We will add more bosses in the future. Please request!


Before starting the boss battle! There are some things that need to be set. It's in the lobby.

There are many things in this beautiful lobby! I made the lobby.

You can start the boss battle by pressing the button next to the gate in the middle. However, it doesn't work without some settings.


First, set the difficulty level here! It is on the right side of the first image. You can get equipment according to the difficulty level.


There is a library behind, where you can choose a boss.

Note: Be sure to reset the boss when reselecting the boss. Otherwise, multiple bosses will appear!


Boss production by sksk
Lobby production by kakaneko

sksk youtube channel→

kakaneko youtube channel→


I made this map with my friend (sksk)! thank you! We are still making other maps together!

Select version for changelog:


Fix page(Deleted link and added description)

Remove add-ons not related to maps


Just click on the file

Note: This map is still under development and has a lot of bugs. I'm sorry.


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