Published on November 13, 2014

Botania PE

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It’s sad that most of the original and best Addons are all old and not being updated. I wish that the creators would only update their addons with no need to add new stuff. It really saddens me when there’s an error when downloading.
is it gonna be avaliable for the windows 10 version of minecraft?
Please help! When I press for download button, it redirects me to a dropbox site with an Error 404. What do I do?
I'm really a big fan of this mod BTW!
I'm sorry to ask but is the download working bcuz I download it and all I get is a bad zip file error whenever I try to open it
The link doesn’t work , it says 404 error. Can you please help me?
When I click the link it gave me the 404 error. Is there a more current link for the mod, because I would love to download the mod?
But I don t even find the blocks when I am in creative mode ... soo that why I guess that the mod isn't working
That's odd. Did you use BlockLauncher?
It's kind of hard to know what the problem is since you get no errors but I will dig into it.

By the way, have you tried using Too Many Items to spawn the new blocks/items? If that doesn't work I've got a better idea of the problem.
Soo I download any mods ... I import it then active the mod . I create a world but nothing is different
Look through the mod description to understand how to use the new functions in-game.
Yup I did :( any ideas ? :'(
By the way , happy new year :)
You need to specify your problem if you need our help. What exactly isn't working for you?

Happy New Year!
Ya that what I do but idk ... when I download any mod it s doesn't work :( by the way , when I open de zip file I find another files like .png I think I have to do something with it to make the skin of the mod working ...
Thanks for the answer :)
Have you read our guide?:
Not working . Tell us how to download it correctly or delete it cause it s a fake maybe

1. Download the zip file and use Astro File Manager (an Android app) to extract the .js file from the zip file.
2. Use BlockLauncher (an Android app) to load the script in Minecraft PE.
3. Open up Minecraft PE and play the mod.
Ids are not working? Still, keep it IP. It has some potential
Have you installed the mod correctly?
I really enjoyed this mod, it was a little hard but it's worth it. There are a few bugs but otherwise not too bad of a mod. I hope you add more stuff to this mod. :) -Hunter