Published on October 12, 2020 (Updated on October 16, 2020)

Breakfast Biome

Ever wanted a breakfast themed biome? Now you can! All new biome featuring breakfast themed foods and blocks; all working and usable on Xbox one and Windows 10 (tested platforms)

The breakfast biome is just a first iteration of a growing mod that will feature multiple food themed biomes; this was our first creation and has come along very nicely. 

(screenshot of the biome)

We have multiple new blocks featuring

1. Bacon leaves

2. Sausage blocks 

3. Bread dirt

4. Bread grass

5. Egg blocks

6. Sausage planks

and more to come! These blocks can be acquired by finding them in their respective biome or by typing in chat "/ give @s mc:*block name*" 

We also have new items featuring

1. Bacon

2. Sausage

3. Fried egg

These can all be crafted or acquired in game, to acquire them you can either find them in their respective biomes or by crafting them, as well as typing in chat "/ give @s mc:*item name*"

The crafting recipes are as followed:

Sauage planks (can be crafted in any slot of a crafting menu)

Sausages (can be cooked in a furnace or a blast furnace)

Fried egg (can be cooked in a furnace or a blast furnace)

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Changed the download link to my website for easier editing of links and updates.


Windows 10 - double click on the .mcaddon file after downloading and it should automatically install it on to Minecraft

Xbox - Not tested

Ios - Not tested

Android - Not tested

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Yeah… can you support 1.18+ and add door, trapdoor, slap, bark, and stripped
Playerlongstreamofnumbers December 17, 2020 at 6:25 am
What if update biomes tho
Like biomes that use old textures and stuff
i installed the addon and everything but it but i spawned somewhere else do we have to teleport to any coordinates or something.
No, the biome spawns naturally, you just have to find it. c:
Sorry, I ate the map. *burrrp*
Suggestion: instead of having them stuck in the ground at random, make the egg blocks part of the trees, like they're the trees' fruit or something.
The link was removed
It should be fixed now, it'll take you to my website where you can go through an adfly link to download it. c:
An Awesome Add-on Man. Like This Amazing And The Biome Is Awesome This Addon Has So Much Potential And It Needs More Attention. This Was Fun To Review On My Channel This Can Be A Big Add-on And I Am Looking Forward To The Development And For More Things That You Can Craft In This Add-on I Wish You Good Luck Salvo! :D
Nice addons, i like this addons ???
You mastermind knew exactly what i wanted
I love the idea. I hope we can see future updates and improvements:D