Published on August 02, 2021 (Updated on May 21, 2023)

Brewing Guide UI

Important: Read carefully before download and use!

By @CrisXolt


A UI pack that not only does it show the potion recipes in hierarchy, but it also shows some information for each potion.


  • A complete potion recipe hierarchy based on official Wiki article, directly on the left side of the main Brewing Stand panel.
  • You can press buttons on each potion so that it only shows information, not just for normal potions! ;D
  • It can be used in both the Classic UI and Pocket UI. Compatible with other resource packs (without modified UI of course), even those from the marketplace.
  • It is also compatible with latest version of VDX UI, Animated RGB GUI, and Old Days UI. Just make sure to place Brewing Guide UI Pack higher than others.

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v1.3.0 [22 May 2023] (1.19.80 and 1.20.0 beta/preview)


  • Added compatibility for Animated RGB Inv. GUI, especially for pocket UI.
  • Added dynamic item animation panel for Mundane Potion recipe.


  • Updated for v1.19.80 and v1.20.0 preview versions.
  • The guide panel is now hidden by default, you must click the toggle on top right.
  • The width size of the brewing guide for the classic UI now has a value of 160.
  • The top tab for each category is now centered and with the black button design.
  • Hover text now follows the cursor, only if it is not on the touch device.
  • Fixed a bug where items icons were wrong in recent versions, now it is texture/image based rendered.
  • The values when it is applied are now correct as you will see it in the inventory.


Supported Minecraft versions


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works in 1.20.4
It would be interesting if in the future this texture has the possibility of showing the craftsmanship of the stews and their effect
Helo @CrisXolt, I want to ask for permission to add this RP in my future RP (I will give credit) can you give me permission to add this RP to my RP?
I've tried to use it with the Console GUI texture pack and it didn't work, please tell me if I'm missing something or doing something wrong.
This texture 10/10
Plz Java ui adaptation
While this mod is 5/5 in idea and design, sadly it is NOT compatible with any other mods as the chart uses in-game Item ID's which change each update and change based on your Mods installed, So an awkward potion might be item ID 224 but once a mods installed it becomes 276 instead and all the items get mixed up causing your images to become dirt, feathers, gold etc etc.

It really needs to just use static/fixed still images within the mod it's self NOT minecraft item ID's, That will make it compatible with other mods and to not require updating so often.
I don't know if you tested the package, but in the latest version, the items no longer use the id , it uses the item's image, in which case it will no longer change the icon when installing an addon
Man there a bug in it the potion recipe become clock,doors,gold and feathers can you fix it I play in Minecraft bedrock 1.19.71
Disculpa amigo escribo este comentaria para decirte que tiene un bug en la pocion arrojadisa y de persistencia(osea la de dragon) ese bus aparece en la version de minecraft 1.19.62 porfavor si tienes tiempo arreglalo
Пожайлуста обнови мод до 1.19. И сделай пожайлуста так чтоб сердца не исчезали когда я открываю и закрываю меню зелий.
Not all potion recipes
Tengo un bug visual en la 1.19 en un servidor de aternos, los ingredientes o items tienen imágenes incorrectas en la guia.
por ejemplo el polvo de redstone me sale representada por unas semillas, otro ejemplo puede ser el polvo de glowstone representado visualmente por un pico