Published on February 05, 2021 (Updated on January 23, 2022)

Bridge But Good!

Bridge But Good!!! 

This map was made by Apsoma and Elementmax. 

2-16 It's a map you can play with the person.

Team up with your friends and fight your opponents. Show them who's strong.

Jump into your opponent's hole and collect points.

I used my own texture pack on the map.I have colored helmets in my texture pack. 

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I made minor changes to the map and changed the download link to a more secure one.


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link hub isint workin
it 10/10 good map now me and my friends can play on
This took me to an inappropriate website and no I got in big trouble, shame on you! Shame!
Might use this little snack of a map for my server. Download is easy if you have the right extensions installed. Thanks for using adfly not linkvertise.
Why the hard download?
Come ny Discord server, I'll give you a direct link.
Very good map actually I worked on here and find some time to play in it deserves this 5 stars that I give!
not the best, not the worst. a great map to play with friends. i was going to give 3/5 stars but because of the map design im giving 4/5
well, forgot to change the stars. looks like fate wants me to give 3/5 xd