Published on February 03, 2021 (Updated on February 23, 2021)

BriskyFault V2

Have you ever wondered if there was a texture pack that you could use to pvp and play survival? BriskyFault is both usable for pvp and survival. Every time I would try to search for a pvp pack I would never find one that is good for both survival and pvp. That is why I decided I would create this texture pack, most pvp packs tweak blocks and tools but it won't feel like a vanilla Minecraft. I made it so you could still feel like you are in vanilla Minecraft, while you pvp at the same time.

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-Added Java Hit Effect

-Added Shorter Totem

-Added better tools

-Added Orange Hearts

-Added Better Netherite

-Better Diamond and Emerald Texture


  • BriskyFault-Update-Tools_1614101998.mcpack

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Hey this looks great but can you update this to 1.18 and make a seperate pack with just the swords?
nevermind add me im the brogx kid
ayo you got discord? i got a question
This was fun
Hey, would you mind making a version with red hearts and if there isn’t already, low fire? Thank you!
Once I finish my pack I will added a recolored version for it! Also I forgot to add low fire to the discription but there is low fire in packmy
This is a really cool pack, and I love it so much, but there are a few bugs, were do I report them?
You can just comment the bugs and I will try to fix them
Awesome texture pack! It'd be even better if you added lowfire :))
Nice pack! Keep updating it to get more downloads lol
Yes I am hoping to update it further more