Published on August 19, 2019 (Updated on August 21, 2019)

Brown Mooshroom Add-on

This Add-on adds Brown Mooshrooms to your game! The new rare Mooshroom from Minecraft Java Edition Village and Pillage update. With this Add-on you can have these new Mooshrooms in Minecraft Bedrock Edition! 

This Add-on is a simple concept of this new Brown Mooshroom, which in the future may come here for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Until it arrives, you can download this Add-on and see what these new Mooshrooms will look like!

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  • Now breeding two red mooshrooms has a very rare chance to spawn a brown baby variant, and vice versa.
  • When breeding a red mooshroom and a brown mooshroom together, now there is chance of getting a red baby variant, and a chance of getting a brown baby variant.


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Uhhhhhh there is a brown mushroom in Minecraft pocket edition (pe)
Can you use a real download site instead of adware?
Here's the problem, sometimes when I throw the channeling trident at the red mooshroom, it was supposed to turn into a brown mooshroom for a second, but instead disappears. I also tried turning on experimental gameplay, but it doesn't work either. Same with multiplayer, it doesn't work. Can you please make a fix on the issue? Thanks.
Plz also add an feature like suspicious stew and when brown mooshroom was fed with a flower then milked with a bowl it will gave suspicious stew.
A Minecraft Player August 20, 2019 at 1:23 am
I think you can make new item called “Supicious Stew” based on potions because in 1.12 ver we can add custom items instead of replacing ingame stuffs. Idk is this able to do or not, but you should give a try! Nice addon!
Excellent addon, although I would like to be able to generate the mob through an egg.
Still excellent work, I love your work.
Maybe make a new Addon Of adding the Illusioner And The Giant And Killer bunny
Yes, I agree
Maybe add the chance to get red and brown mooshrooms by breeding the two together
Maybe I will do this in a future Add-on update. Thanks for commenting!
But ShortLink360 sucks it won’t let me download the addon, can you change it to Mediafire pls.
I can not. Read the installation tutorial on the Add-on description!
Thanks, I want to try this addon! Only the Java Edition has brown mooshrooms but Bedrock Edition doesn’t. I can’t wait to see one for the first time! ?
Have fun with this add-on. Thank you for your rating!