BULL - TORO (Addon)

The bulls come to Minecraft thanks to this incredible add-on. This addon adds a new bovine to our worlds that will spawn naturally. You can find 2 different color variants, black and brown. Without a doubt they are very beautiful, strong, big and brave animals.

CREATOR : Andiuber 
FACEBOOK : @AndiuberOficial
TWITTER : @AndiuberOficial
YOUTUBE : @Andiuber

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- New animations.

- New brown variant.

- New model.

- Improved behaviors.


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I dont like the model
make them breedable with cows and if theres a cow in love mode and 2 other bulls in love mode make them fight for the cow
Sucks, it sent me to an adfly website, then it claimed: "Oh you have a virus, do this and that and call this number 123-456-789". I had close my whole browser, but trying to scam us? Pfft.
Its adfly dont click any ads are you idiot
"If a horny bull you can remove up to half of your life bar."
Might want to re-word that.
Make the bulls a variant of the cows or at least able to breed with them. Having a steer or two mix in with my herd would look great.
You should make them spawn with cows
Mea haves bull farm :>
Awesome Addon! You rock man!!!