Published on February 22, 2021 (Updated on November 03, 2022)

Bulls Add-on

I feel that sometimes the animals in Minecraft are too peaceful and after a while that takes away from the fun of the game so I decided to make territorial and aggressive bulls that will be one more challenge in your worlds.

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  • The identifier of the bull has been modified.
  • Now the bull does less damage and has less health.
  • Bull chase speed has been reduced.


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Bro just retextured a cow in addon maker and called it a day lol. 2 stars for giving a use to poisoned potatoes tho
Bro, this is Minecraft not National Geographic, I made the bull for you to have fun with a "new" mob, and what you say applies to all Minecraft mobs not only to the bull, however, how do I know that there are many very delicate users, as I said in the post, I'm looking at the option to modify the cows so that they can only be bred with bulls.
Bulls and cows should be made unbreedable, but have to breed one with the other since a bull is just a male cow.
It doesn't really make sense, but I just pretend they are aurochs (giant wild cow ancestors). This way it kind of makes sense that they don't breed. Idk man just have fun