Published on December 01, 2020 (Updated on November 17, 2023)

[1.8.9] bum_Crops!

bum_Crops! is a comprehensive expansion to the vanilla farming and gardening content, aiming to provide more diversity and depth to your gardens!
Improve your world with new crops, foods, woodsets, and more!

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version 1.8.9

- updated trapdoors to allow vertically placed upside-down trapdoors. (thx. Diamond Ruler) 
- updated Stripped Logs to use their own block. 
- fixed Gates being in the wrong group in the creative menu. 
- fences are no longer invisible and weird (fence items you have now will still be broken. They can be placed, but the old bug will persist with those until placed and picked back up. newly crafted fences will be updated properly. 
- fixed trees not being anchored on their sapling's position. 
- fixed Syrup Tap to no longer face wacky directions when placed. 
- improved door's rendering appearance. 

version 1.8.81

- updated all recipes, blocks, and items to the latest syntax.
- added unlockable recipes.
- reduced stack limit for brews.
- blocks all updated to 1.20.30.
- block optimizations.
- slab behavior improved (thx. Diamond Ruler)

until next time. c:



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Thank you for your patience, everyone! bumCrops 1.8.9 is now available and adds support for Minecraft 1.20.40!

This update includes a lot of fixes and improvements to block behaviors. Much more polished and efficient now, too!

We hope you continue to enjoy bumCrops as we continue to improve and expand the mod!

Will this be updated for 1.20.60???
5 stars for 420 reference I’m playing with this while high asf on sherm 😂
Hello author, I would like to translate bumCrops into Chinese and publish it on the Chinese forum. I will mark the author and the link to your post and will not use it to obtain benefits. I hope you can agree.
Pls add vodka
One of the best BE-exclusive addons out there! The discord invite link is invalid and the link to is broken, you should replace them.
Will you add the pie(blocks or slices) in the next update?
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One of the best farming mods out there for bedrock, and the one mod I always follow and use first! I have found a substantial bug though, I can’t seem to trade the horticulturalist, no offers appear.
Me encanta este addon gracias por hacer tan excelente labor
this addon is so precious! I'm so happy it's updated, we love your team's mods!
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Best farming mod out there, but ngl i kinda wish we had a better butcher mod. The three I've seen are either too old, don't use vanilla mobs, or are .json...
from my limited playtime, its a fun mod. but please make fences only connect to full blocks. being in winter biomes with all the snow layers...
Hhhjuyythtggrrfgfvccvvfd November 22, 2023 at 11:14 am
Bro Please use mediafire the mcpedl links dont work for the xbox explorers app