Published on December 01, 2020 (Updated on December 15, 2022)

[1.7.0] bum_Crops!

Are you tired of the same-old boring crops in Minecraft? Want to try something fresh and new? 
Look no further!  Improve your worlds with the finest crops addon for Bedrock Edition! 

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version 1.7.0

- reorganization of backend files.

- crops now render with proper vibrancy/saturation.

- some crops and seeds can now be found in naturally generated chests.

---- (includes villages, pillager outposts, woodland mansions, mineshafts, igloos, etc.)

- Adjusted and improved block models.

- Red Cabbage now only gives one head of Cabbage.

- All crops now have unique colors when shown on maps.

- Cherry Wood can now be used to craft Crafting Tables.

- Added Herbs!

---- debut herbs include Chamomile, Lavender, and Mint.

---- herbs can be picked for herb bundles.

---- herbs generate naturally in the world.

---- herbs can be potted.

---- picked herbs will regrow, but over-picking will kill them!

- Added Herb Bundles.

---- used when crafting herbal teas.

- Added the Jabena block.

---- used to craft Teas.

---- crafted from clay and bricks.

- Added Mugs

---- used to craft Teas.

---- crafted from clay.

- Added a new brew: Witherosa Wine.

---- Witherosa Wine can be found in Abandoned Mansions or brewed.

---- Super deadly - guaranteed a painful death if you drink it.

- Added Smokeleaf Crop.

---- can be harvested for Smokeleaf.

---- Smokeleaf can be used as fuel or to craft a Smokeleaf Joint.

- Added Smokeleaf Joint.

---- can be consumed or equipped.
---- renders as part of the player model when held or equipped to the off-hand slot.

- Being killed by a thrown Tomato now displays proper text.

- Smokeleaf Seeds can now be bought from the Aimless Horticulturist.

- Stripped Cherry Logs no longer drop unstripped logs when broken.

- Cherry Leaves now despawn when no cherry log is nearby. Unless placed by a player.

- Overhauled Cherry Woodset and Tree.

---- Added Cherry Trapdoors.

---- Added Cherry Doors.

---- added Cherry Slabs.

---- added Cherry Stairs.

- Every single block has been overhauled and updated to the latest formatting.

- Plants will now face a randomized direction when growing.

- Crop Dealers have been overhauled:

---- No longer despawn if named by a player using a nametag. (thx. DJ Stomp)

---- Employ conditional bandwidth optimization. (thx. DJ Stomp)

---- Despawn their foxes when/if they despawn. (thx. DJ Stomp)

---- Show "interest" in player trades. (thx. DJ Stomp)

---- Various other minor adjustments. (thx. DJ Stomp)

- Harvesting herb bundles can sometimes produce a Bad Bundle.

---- Bad Bundles can be used as a decent fuel. (more uses in the future)

- Paper can be crafted from Smokeleaf and white dye.

until next time. c:


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bum_Crops 1.8.0 will be releasing soon! It's the biggest update we've ever produced and will introduce a variety of new trees, fruit, crops, woodsets, brews, and a myriad of improvements and bug fixes! Additionally, all textures have been overhauled and revised!

We're excited to share this update with you all and have been working hard to ensure high quality content! Stay tuned and check us out on Discord for sneak peeks!

In the meantime; stay safe and creative!
and would you mind showing us how we can craft the teas plz?can you add more fruits and veggies? Oh! and please add coffee that can be made with the mug and brewing stand.
bum_Crops 1.8.0 will be releasing soon! It's the biggest update we've ever produced and will introduce a variety of new trees, fruit, crops, woodsets, brews, and a myriad of improvements and bug fixes! Additionally, all textures have been overhauled and revised!

We're excited to share this update with you all and have been working hard to ensure high quality content! Stay tuned and check us out on Discord for sneak peeks!

In the meantime; stay safe and creative!
This is one of the best mods on the site and I can barely play without it. So do you think you can add more cooking and meal options? Maybe a system similar to farmer's delight? Just some in depth cooking method would be amazing
I know that you already have a bum flora addon but it'd bee nice if you add some sort of garden flowers that you can farm dyes with!

Either way I have made and corrupted 2 modded survival worlds and I'm definitely having this in the 3rd! One of my first picks when it comes to modded gameplay 💚

edit: it's now so nerfed i can barely get some crops and I'm starting to enjoy it a little less :(
Hi! I'm from Taiwan, recently my friends and I enjoy the bum addon series a lot,
but it seems that the addon haven't have Traditional Chinese language.
If you allow, I would like to provide the translation! Love your creations! :)
Hi! It’s me again- so I made sure all the experiments were right and the version of my mc is 1.19.51. I can only plant hops and asparagus and ugh I don’t know why! I tried making a new world and everything but it won’t let me plant anything. Please help bc I love ur mod :D
Join the discord and we'll be better able to help you troubleshoot the problem. (:
the seeds don't drop with the crops only the crops, whats wong?
Seeds only drop when you break the block (like vanilla crops). Quick Harvesting (right click/interacting) does not drop seeds since the crop is auto-replanted.

If you want seeds you need to actually break the crop, and even then seeds aren't a guaranteed drop every time!
Is there a chance you can change that? I’m sorry, but 4 emeralds for 2-4 seeds is really expensive and it’s not an investment either because you only get 2-4, and if you jump on it accidentally it’s gone forever, when you want to move it there is a 99% chance it’s not going to drop anything and you spent four emeralds on nothing. This feature is so bad that it almost ruins the entire mod, even though I love the recipes, the tree, and the tea. Please, please change it. Can it just be a 50% chance that when you harvest the crop it will drop a seed? That would make this the perfect mod. I know you’re probably not going to see this, and if you do you probably won’t change it, but I am begging you. It makes it hard to recommend this mod to others because this feature makes it look like a glitchy, hard to use, amateur mod. Please let harvesting drop seeds.
First of all; thank you for the feedback! This kind of criticism and feedback is important for improving the addon.

I agree that only getting a couple seeds for 1 - 3 emeralds is pretty unbalanced. I'll make sure we improve this ratio for 1.8.0! We'll make her give ~16 seeds per emerald.

As for the crops not always giving seeds: this is intentional to add more risk to the farming process. Sometimes you lose crops irl, and sometimes that can be due to a mistake of the grower (such as accidentally stomping on the crop).

Quick Harvesting (right click/interact) does not drop seeds because the plant is already automatically replanted when you do. It's for when you have an established garden and do not need seeds and just want to collect the produce quick and easily and continue growing it.

Long Harvesting (when you actually break the crop block to harvest) does NOT automatically replant the crop and has a chance to drop seeds. The probability of getting seeds from any given crop is 66%. It's only a 33% chance of NOT getting seeds. As previously said, this is intentional to add a little more of a risk and make the early stages of establishing a new garden more difficult and tedious. Once you have an established garden with multiple crops it gets easier and you'll have a collection of seeds.

We'll compromise and reduce the odds of not getting seeds when harvesting to 25% instead of 33% for 1.8.0, but we will not be making it so harvesting always produces seeds.

Thank you so much for the feedback and input! If you have any other suggestions, complaints, or ideas feel free to join us in the Bumble Discord. (:
Plz add more food to craft
Ex: stews, salads, sandwich variants, burgers, fish and chips, fries, etc
Hi! Me and my friend are using this mod/addon for our survival world with other mods, and everything was going fine until we tried to plant plants other than asparagus. It will only let us plant asparagus, I’ve tried to make another world that doesn’t have other addons and try to plant other plants but it still won’t let me! Hope you can help :)

Thank you!
Sounds like you either have an old version still installed that's conflicting with the new one, OR you don't have the experimental toggles set properly. I suggest double checking both of these. (:
hi the link says its expired for the mc addon download link
it says that when you take too long to download after starting the download countdown.

When MCPEDL is doing it's little countdown when loading the download links: don't go do something else and come back to it. The download link only stays active for about a minute before being culled.

You'll need to click the download link p much as soon as the countdown stops.
Very cool mod, but i cant seem to find any plants spawning in the world except for herbs ive been trying to find them everywhere but found nothing, only got some from trading from the horticulturist
The Herbs are the only crops that generate naturally. The crops can be found primarily through the Aimless Horticulturist, but can be found in chests throughout the world, too.
The Horticulturist is your best bet, though.

With Version 1.8.0 (in development) we might add Wild Crops. Remains to be seen!
Hi, in the creative menu I don't see anything of the addon except the Aimless Horticulturist
Double check your experimental toggles. Compare them to the screenshot of the toggles in the post above. Missing one of them could cause issues like this.

Also should note that the addon is only compatible with 1.19.

1.18 and older minecraft builds are NOT supported.
Hi, do you think you could make a texture for the barrel interface?
Depends on what you mean! Not sure i know what you're referring to.
Ya know coke is from a plant too ya know (coca leaf)
We will not be adding any hard drugs to the addon - only mild botanicals. (: