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Butchery Addon (1.16 UPDATE!)

Isn't it pretty easy to get meat in minecraft? Just punch a cow a few times, and you get meat that is good even if you don't cook it. In real life that takes weeks to butcher, chill, and cook the meat. This addon makes it a little bit more complicated…

What is this addon?

This addon makes harvesting meat from animals a lot harder than it was before. You can no longer just hit a cow a few times and get meat that you can easily cook in any furnace. It adds more tools, a new death system, and a new machine thing.

How to get Raw Meat

To get meat you have to first get raw meat. To get raw meat you need to kill an animal, like you regularly would. As of right now this addon only supports cows (beef), pigs (porkchops), sheep (mutton), chickens (chicken), and rabbits (rabbit). But after you kill an animal it might turn out different than it normally would...



After you kill the animal, you will get a dead variant of whatever animal it was. If you kill the dead animal, you will get nothing, so don't try. You need the two new tools added into this addon, the Knife (see below) and also the Cleaver (also see below). First you need to use the knife on the animal to get a skinned animal carcass.

Here's a picture of a very ugly skinned cow...

Once you skin the animal it will drop some items depending on the animal. Cows drop 4-6 leather, sheep drop 1 wool, chickens drop a few feathers, and pigs drop nothing. After the animal has been skinned it is ready to be cut up. You need to use the cleaver on it 3 times, and it drops 1-2 meat per cut.

Here is what a cow looks like partway through the chopping thing

Next up i'll show

The Tools

This addon adds two new tools to the game, used for getting meat from animals.

The Knife

The knife is the tool for skinning the animals after you kill them. It also deals 4 damage.

Knife Crafting Recipe

The Cleaver

The Cleaver is the tool for chopping up the animals to get meat from them. It deals 6 damage.

Cleaver Crafting Recipe

But how do I cook it?

You're probably not asking this question, because you're probably reading this before you try out the addon, but you can't eat the meat raw. Well, actually you can, but you should only eat it raw if you want just one hunger point, along with Poison II and hunger. And just to add to the fun, you also can't cook the meat. If you do you will get burnt meat, which you can't eat or do anything with. By the way now would be a good time to mention that there is a variant for beef, porkchops, mutton, and chicken for all of the stages of meat you will make, including burnt. Also, due to being unable to override vanilla furnace recipes, I had to make my own raw meats so you can't just cook it and get cooked meat, so if you're using this in creative, you can't use the meat in the creative inventory, you have to kill an animal to get it. Also you need to craft the tools, they don't show up in the creative inventory either, only the Chiller Crate and the Meat Chiller. (I'll get to those in a second). Anyway, back to the subject. To cook the meat, you first need to chill it, and to do that you need...

The Meat Chiller and the Chiller Crate

To chill the meat in this addon you need to get the machine-ish thing called the Meat Chiller. You can get the Meat Chiller by crafting the Chiller Crate and then breaking it.

The Chiller Crate next to the Meat Chiller

Chiller Crate Crafting Recipe

After you place the Meat Chiller you'll probably wonder how to use it. Its pretty self explanatory. If you use some raw meat then you'll see it in the chiller and the little doors on top will close and and a 30 second timer will start.

Getting ready to put some Raw Beef into the Meat Chiller

Waiting for the Raw Beef to finish chilling

After the 30 second timer is done the Meat Chiller will open back up and you will be able to grab the chilled meat! (again it works with meats other than beef. Beef is just an example)

Chilled Beef ready to be grabbed!

Lets get cooking!

The Final Step!

Now that you finally have your chilled meat, its time to cook it. This can be done with a furnace, a smoker, or even a campfire. You will have to cook it twice. First you cook the chilled meat to get thawed meat, which can be, finally, cooked into cooked meat. (P.S. I know the thawed meats have the same textures as the raw meats, its not a mistake)

Chilled to thawed...

And finally, thawed to cooked

But What About The Fish?

Well, i'm glad you asked! Along with the traditional animals, this addon also makes getting some nice cooked fish a lot harder. It still uses the knife, but the system is different. When you kill a fish, instead of raw fish, you get a Cod Body, a Salmon Body, or a Tropical fish Body, each from the fish the body is named after.

Poor Fish...

The Cutting Board

Next up in your fish-cooking adventure your going to need the cutting board, the other new utility in this addon. 

The Cutting Board Crate Recipe

Again, to get the cutting board just place the crate and then break it and you'll get the cutting board!

The Cutting Board Next To The Cutting Board Crate

How it works

To get to the next stage (?) of fish you're gonna need  to use the fish body on the cutting board. I'll be using salmon for this example, but again, I've said this too many times, it works for all the fish (Salmon, Tropical Fish, and Cod).

Ready To Place Some Fish On The Cutting Board! 

Cutting Time!

After the fish is placed down on the cutting board you'll have to go grab that knife you crafted earlier and cut it into two pieces. 

We're Almost Done!

One More Step...

The last thing you have to do to get your Cooked Cut Fish is cook it in a furnace (or smoker, or campfire). Then your done!

And we're done!

Next Up... The Leather!!!

This addon also makes it harder to get leather from cows (and rabbits I guess). You have to go through the tanning process before getting it. It adds two new machinery things (I don't know if it's actually machinery) that you need to use to get leather.

The Water Barrel

First you're gonna need a water barrel to soak the leather. Crafting is below.

Water Barrel Crate Crafting

The Water Barrel Next To The Water Barrel Crate

Once you have the water barrel you need to fill it with water. Just use a water bucket on it and it'll fill up.



After this you need to put either Fresh Leather or Fresh Rabbit Hide into it. Fresh leather is the same as leather (same with hide), except I changed it from leather to fresh leather and I changed the texture. I'll be using leather for this example.

Ready, Set, ...


After 30 seconds the leather (or hide) will be soaked. The texture of the leather will get a little bit darker.

I wonder how we'll dry this...

But first, cleaning...

Next we're gonna need to clean the leather. First you'll need a Work Station.

Work Station Crate Crafting Recipe

Another side by side

Next you'll need to put some soaked leather on it (from the water barrel).

Another before

and another after

ready to cut with a knife...

and its clean!!

The Final Leathery Step

Last, you'll just have to dry it. It ONLY works on a campfire. Not a furnace, blast furnace, or a smoker. Only campfires. After that you're done!

And we are FINALLY DONE!!!!!!

Last Notes

You might be wondering why you should download this addon. It might seem all bad and no good, but there is one thing that you would want it for (unless you want a more RL Craft experience, this is kinda made for that). You'd want it because it might be bad in the beginning of the game, you might even die of hunger, but in the long run, after you have the tools and the Meat Chiller, you realize that every animal gives 3-6 meat per animal, which is WAY more than usual. (by the way if dakonblackrose wants to use this for his RL Craft Addon he can). It is perfect for RL Craft, and its also good for the normal game. Its just good all around. So that's why you should install it.

Do you want an addon specialized for you?

What if you really want a certain addon, don't know how to make them, and can't find it on mcpedl? Well your in luck! I will make you a minecraft addon with whatever you want if you click here ( and that will happen!

Also join the discord for sneak peeks at new updates and epic stuff like that!

The next update will be the farming update, where I will make it harder for you to get crops like wheat, carrots, potatoes, etc, etc. I don't know when it will be released. Stay tuned! Also if you have an old version of this pack make sure you delete it before installing the updated version. thanks!

Finally, thanks to @Stijn (I don't know if hes on MCPEDL) for helping me with a small problem that was just a little mistake, but the addon probably wouldn't exist without his help, so thanks!

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i fixed some links, but same update as before. Thanks for downloading!

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u will starve to death in ur first day until u mine an iron to craft some knife huhuhu
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Can you update now? Your last update is 1 year ago.
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Can you pls add that pig will drop something when we chop the dead body with knife? And can you mention that the chiller crate need ice/packed ice/blue ice to craft?
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You need to remember the recipe, it doesn't show, doesn't mean it doesn't work.
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hola. como podria comunicarme usted?
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I cant craft the knife
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Thank you for the add-on, I really like it and was just wondering if you were still active and thinking about ever updating this add-on or making others.
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I’m not be able to use the add-on
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Muito bom
Poderia fazer um addon de apocalipse zumbi com armas 3D?
e alguns zumbis podem quebrar bloco e escalar paredes
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Nicholo Rodel M Presco November 23, 2020 at 5:13 am
Can you make another addon called death animation?
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Hi love the add-on it's amazing tho will ya ever add anything new soon or something
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Nice addon but I can't craft any of the things, can you make it so it's already implemented?
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