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Published on January 26, 2020 (Updated on March 22, 2020)

Cactus Add-on

This add-on adds new ways to play MCPE, cactus sword and some more things made with cactus,I hope you like this add-on and enjoy it, I will also try to add more things.

The complement has some things like cactus fruit, cactus cake, among other things, I will soon add new items, blocks and swords.

This add-on will add:

Cactus Fruit:

 Cactus fruit is a fruit that only feeds 1 thigh

Cactus Stone:

The cactus stone is a decorative stone and very easy to make (of course, provided there are cacti nearby)

Cactus Brick:

The cactus brick is also very easy to do, it serves to do things like the cactus brick block

Cactus Brick Block:

The cactus brick block is another of the decorative blocks that this add-on adds

Cactus Stick:

It's just a stick, but it works for some things.

Cactus Sword:

The cactus sword is a sword created with 2 cactus and a cactus stick


Has no effects

The Cactus Diamond:

The cactus diamond serves to create an even more powerful weapon than the previous one.

Cactus Battleaxe:

The cactus battleaxe is almost the same as a diamond sword, only with the difference that it is a cactus axe.


Cactus Cake:

This cake is made of cactus as the name implies, it regenerates 2 hunger thighs.

Cactus Planks:

The cactus planks is another decorative block very easy to create, you only need green dye and 1 wooden plank.

Cactus Creeper:

the Creeper cactus is a cactus Creeper, when it dies it leaves 2 or 3 cacti


this curious cactus appears in the desert like any cactus.

Cactus Spider:

this spider is a cactus, be careful with it appears in the desert.

Channel Creator:XPandaGamerXx

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I hope you like it, I will try to add new things in the next version.

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4.7 / 5 (23 votes)
Amazing! Go’s perfectly with my love of Cacti. What do you use the cactus bone for though?
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MinecraftMaster99 April 27, 2020 at 5:44 pm
bro thats bumbo cactoni
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el palo de cactus parece bambu
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This Is the Worldest best addon btw can you add like a cactus buddy that can protect you?
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My man put Bumbo Cactoni in his add-on lol
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Hmm terraria joost mod for minecraft?
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Too much of green colors I think I am gonna be sick.
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why dose this exsist i shouldn't say this why didn't it exist yet XD
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Hermit Craft Season 6 lololololol
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This just funny and well made
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this add-on is so random lol
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what is the use of cactus Bone and cacti
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