Published on March 23, 2020 (Updated on March 23, 2020)

Cadillac Deville Addon

Do you like old cars? If yes, then this addon is for you. This addon will add 6 different types of 1980 Cadillac Deville that you can ride your world with your friends.

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Where are the sounds?? Is that what "missing pack" means?? Help...
Summon command isn’t working
Link pls
What i need to download? the behavior and the resource or one of them?
Hi! How do I get in the car? Please tell me!
If you are on a Computer like Mac or Windows 10 you right click. If you are on touchscreen, you probably have to tap and hold, or just tap, or sometimes there is a button above the hotbar slot
Bro this is one of the best car add on I have played can I make a video out of it
63 impala next
This dope as hell just make it spawn eggs and it would be nice as hell if you could make a 63 impala next
How do you make it work? I tried summoning but did not work
Installed it but summoning doesn´t work
I really love your creations but a bus,taxi,ambulance, or fire truck next would be great!
Where is taxi variant????
Because you made a cadillac instead of lamborghini centenario a or bugatti chiron
100% amazing :)
Very cool ! ?