Cakewars 2 (Teams) [PvP]

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Its ok with the cmds but how do u accually get on the cakewars part of the map not just the spawn?????
did anybody realize the download was in mcwolrd the team misspelled it but it is a pretty good map
Hey, did you steal this map and try to take credit as your own? Its literally the same map as CakeWars 2 PvP.
Hello, as the creator of the map, you can believe this. but I'm seeing that it will remove the map of sgcakewas
I make improvements to some improvements and here I do them without the need to change links.

that you can notice in the file that you download.
I just noticed this is the same thing as the cakewars that is posted just before this
I can’t really see differences, still a well made map though

If there are differences please point them out to me