CampVille Survival Spawn (V2)

A beautiful summer themed survival spawn. Explore this quaint, sunny, warm camp! A perfect map to start a survival world on. Enjoy CampVille Survival Spawn by Endercraft Studios, but watch out for the bees! Achievements are Activated in this world!

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  • Achievements are now activated!
  • Custom World Icon Added
  • New house near the Vineyard
  • New hut and expanded forest
  • Graveyard Added
  • Resized Cover Photo
  • Fixed old Links



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Bro, the Spawn is amazing! But i expected it to be on void (Like Skyblock World)if you upload another version of that I'll be Glad!
The map 9.4MB but the area is only this small. It took me so long to download it and it wouldn't work. I was expecting a larger map. If the map is only this small it should only take up to 3MB.
This is made on a normal world, that's loaded many chunks because of the minigames. Also, what's the problem with a 9mb world?
Hey bro, how to take achievements in this map
I want to get achievement on maps like this, is this possible?
I was searching everywhere for a map like this !! Thanks
This is a good map pls make more
I love it!
You can use an NBT Editor like UniversalMC to disable cheats.