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Published on July 25, 2018 (Updated on July 25, 2018)

English (CA) Language Pack

Installation Guides

I have a Mcpack version of this.
Ill upload it on MEGA.
This isn't necessary, Malay, Tagalog, Thai, Hawaii and Vietnamese Language Pack would be better. Plus, I see no different from American and Canadian English in writting.
I agree. I don't see much difference in EN-CA* than EN-GB**. An African or european language pack would be better.
*EN-CA = Canadian English
**EN-GB = British English
Finally canadian english in minecraft
Dude, I am Canadian and I speak the exact same language as Americans. I can perfectly understand what what they are saying
Why? Are its just the same as British English, isn't it?
I discussed this in a random Discord server already but pretty much British (UK) variants of words with 'or' at the end of them have a 'u' in between the 'o' and the 'r'.
Yes, Finally Canadian English
If people are wondering, I've uncovered some errors, and I'm working on an update to fix them. Please hold on!
Lol it switches behavior into behavior...
Yes, I have made this pack, and I'm submitting an update for that error in the first image…
OH! In the Editor's post… I think his auto-correct might've gone on or something :P