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Candy Add-On

Do you like CANDY? I do and now their in Minecraft! This add-on adds 7 new candies all give 1 food and some of the candies even give special effects like speed, absorption and night vision. One candy will even remove poison!


Apple Candy

4 Sugar + 1 Apple = 4 Apple Candy


Golden Apple Candy

4 Sugar + 1 Golden Apple = 4 Apple Candy

Effects:Regeneration 2 for 1 second, Absorption 1 for 20 seconds

This Candy may be Good in combat.

Glow Berry Candy

4 Sugar + 1 Glow Berries = 4 Glow Berry Candy

Effects:Night Vision for 10 seconds

Sweet Berry Candy

4 Sugar + 1 Sweet Berries = 4 Sweet Berry Candy


Melon Candy

4 Sugar + 1 Melon = 4 Melon Candy

Effects:Speed for 10 seconds

Honey Candy

4 Sugar + 1 Honey Comb = 4 Honey Candy

Effects:Takes away poison


4 Cocoa Beans + 1 Sugar = 4 Chocolate


Special thanks to the GoldenHope1 for making the apple candy, golden apple candy, honey candy and melon candy.



I have a discord server! (This is not the Download Link)

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-added text saying that you need to turn on experimental features


Make sure to have all the experimental features on or it may not work.



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Es un muy buen trabajo, sigue así
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Could I ask, just from the recipes, could you add colored paper to make it so that it’s like a wrapper? Idk like an opening animation, only a suggestion :)
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I did think about having a wrapper, maybe I will add it in an update or something.
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I forgot to say this but you need to have the experimental features on.
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