Published on July 21, 2021


CandyCraftThis is a dimension of sweets in which you can explore, play, build and above all survive since there are animals that can attack you, these when defeated you can get sweets that can be chocolate bars, waffles, ice cream, cupcakes, donuts. strawberry shakes, chocolate, etc. A WORLD FULL OF FLAVOR AND ADVENTURE!


in the next addon we will have exciting adventures with monsters or candy animals with lots of food and 2 new biomes

New entitys

wolf candy

the wolf is a friendly creature that can be tamed with bones and be your best friend also this one is more kawaii than the one in oveworld

creeper candy

It is an aggressive mob capable of exploding, the sweetest explosion when you die that you will see

when he dies, the player's hands will drop sweets

Ravager Candy

When it dies, it leaves more nutritious sweets but this one is a little more difficult to beat since its outside is bigger as its size.

chicken candy

this is a very sweet chicken that walks everywhere and when he dies he drops mysterious and tasty sweets

pig candy

It is a sweet pig that will leave you many delicious sweets that you will love.

zombie candy

Be careful with this sweet zombie, it can cloak you with flavor


slime rosa

the pink slime boss is a creature that can destroy you in just seconds so be very careful

slime White

the white slime boss is a too strong creature that can finish you off with blows

new ore

           can be melted in a furnace to get the ingot


new sweets


how to craft the portal


chocolate and strawberry biome


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Thank you


activate all experimental modes

download resource and behavior packs


Installation Guides

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@credits dakonblackrose custom dimensión
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@credits dakonblackrose custom dimensión
why isn't it working