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Published on March 15, 2018 (Updated on May 25, 2018)

Cannibalism Addon

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Please update for 1.17
Dear everyone,
this is ImPlaysMC alternate account,i made this addon on an android device (sounds ridicilous but it works),a few months ago my phone got stolen from me,and my dumbæsš brain forgot the pass for my original account,now,i got a new,better phone recently and a new account so,for those who wonders why i did not update the addon for quite a while,here it is.
IronEverything Steve August 21, 2019 at 9:33 am
Okie Dokie! Hope you make a new addon.
Animatronic Danny Phantom July 16, 2019 at 11:55 pm
Ok i have posion hunger from eatin this eating human flesh it was workin until this new update of minecraft pls fix it
pLs rEmOve da hunger poison when u eat the human flesh
this addon is not working in the 1.2.10 help plis
everyone is being like little kids about the cannibalism xd
Wow u guys are disgusting u are basically promising cannibalism
I wish you would make a version of this addon without the cannibal, I like this addon but I’d like to keep the zombie, thanks in advance if you do
For the German translation: Menschenfleisch
This could be useful in a plane wreck map
Oh yes,for who's complaining of the player doesnt drop their loot but i say "turn on" the keep inventory,i am so sorry,i missclick,i wanted to say "DO NOT TURN ON"but the "TURN ON" is gone,i am so sorry if players do nor drop their loot,i write the wrong thing.. check the README.txt file in the resource pack or behaviour pack folder for full and correct guide!
This is awesome thx so much. :-D
For some reason it doesn’t work, I killed my alt to test and nothing dropped.
Do you tried at least villagers?
and yes,thanks for the feedback im gonna try to fix this on later update,im still working to fix this bug,please patient and have a nice day!.
And also...make sure you turn OFF keep inventory!