Published on November 10, 2022 (Updated on July 09, 2023)

Capybara! by ThreadyPilot



This skin pack is based in one of the most famous animals in the last time, the capybara! This skin pack includes 41 skin that you can use to roleplay with your friends! And I'll eventually be adding more ;)Leave your ideas in the comments.

Ill be updating it often;)



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-3 new skins added 

-9 new beach skins added!             

  • 5 new skins added!
  • 5 new skins added!


Supported Minecraft versions

stop naming the packs, they collide when downloaded, so make it or so, I want neon 2.0 and capybara at the same time
Nicee but where is my steve - capybara?
this is amazing❤