Published on January 09, 2018 (Updated on January 09, 2018)

Castellia [Adventure] [Puzzle] [Parkour]

Installation Guides

question, where can I find the texture pack to this map? I love the Soulscraft sort of experience you've got here but I feel like the textures will make it way better. thanks
This website is for MCPE // Windows 10 edition. If you want to get maps for java go to:
how do i install .mcworld maps on java edition?
(and why is there no zip version?)
Hey this was a good maps so thanks
Good thang
How do I download the thing
I just want to say that this is one of the best minecraft maps I have ever played if not THE best!
Ok,that's so cool ?
Only two versions of the map? Why not have:

- Single-player Map [1]
- Co-op Map [2]
- Triple Map [3]
- Multi Map [4]

Just a suggestion.
A good suggestion! (seriously!)

I decided against making a double/triple for two reasons. One, it would mean much more work and balancing I have to do. Plus make two more guides and that was a little tiresome lol.

And second, the second stage works best with a single or quad group. In single, pushing one will make a block pop out of the wall and stay out. In quad, people have to stay standing on the plate to keep it out which make the team have to work together. Since there is 4 pressure plates, I can't do the stay standing method to promote teamwork for a double/triple but then if the blocks stay out when pushed, then there is no cooperation that I want in a team.

Though everything else could still work.

If I do make a new map in the future, I'll keep your suggestion in mind when making the puzzles. :)
I was unhappy with the hallway between the first stage and the second stage. I just renovated that hallway and updated the links here to have the new hallway! I double checked and the links works cause I'm paranoid lol. However, The .zip file will have to be updated by Editor to have the latest version of the map with the new hallway.

Unless there's a major redstone, parkour, or technical issue with this map, I will not be touching it anymore. This is the final version!

Enjoy everyone! :)