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Published on March 16, 2017 (Updated on April 29, 2018)

Castle Adventure [Adventure]

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i used this for pvp and not the adbenture map lol i really like it
oh and dont use adfly next time
I found two problems
1: at the question and answer level, there is no ladder to exit at the end
2: In the final battle 2 Whiter got away from me and destroyed the commandos for the end, I mean the bedrok is misplaced.
How do u pass the trapdoor in the parkour?
I got stuck there.
I try to neo jump but unfortunately, it didn't succeed.
Hey I downloaded the Mediafire link but it said Failed to Import. I'm on 1.16 is that a bad version? I need some help lol.
loved the map, but for the wither battle can you make a fully bedrock chamber?? because my dumb ass got hit too far back while fighting it and accidentally spawning a second one in
Okay my phone wont let me make a comment so I'm just responding to yours.... Where the heck is the hidden button in clue 3??? I've torn that room apart even broken the rules and broken some blocks and I cant find it anywhere!!!
Good map and fun experience.

Minor problems:

- The wither destroyed the castle and escaped
- some redstone in the castle is not working correctly, it's missing redstone dust, not sure if this was intentionally disabled or not
can't download for some reason
says 404 not found
https: //www. mediafire. com/file/l5maezh2s5x4cqt/CastleAdventurev7.mcworld/file
Please add a bedrock floor to the boss room! After a long battle I finally got rid of them but half the kingdom is in ruins because they escaped the room... otherwise good map, maybe you could add villagers to make it nicer.
Yo man, I love this map!!!! Granted that the story reminds me of the movie, The Lion King, but its awesome! I recorded the map on my YouTube channel and I thought I would show you my POV.
There is a blue beacon. Can't miss it
Where? Help me, please. I can't find it. I'm not that good in English, so I don't know the meaning of Beacon even with the translator, cuz it have too much meanings
If you look in the sky you will see a blue light straight up in the sky
la balise ..regarde en l'ai et essaye de trouver un rayon de lumiere
Where is the button on clue 3?I checked everywhere and nothing can U help please oh and love the start of the map?
moi j'ai direct crafter un bouton en bois et placer a cote de la porte et appuyer et la porte c'est ouverte
What does carrots mean? [clue 6]
Carrot Farm! Hopefully that helps
For some reason it won’t let me download. The option to “open in Minecraft” doesn’t appear
You’re supposed to use the cake you had as a tool, I think. Or am I wrong? I dunno
As for the lever in the market square, just trace the outline of it until you come to it. It’s not in the middle, plus it has a sign with an arrow pointing to it.
Btw, reactor of map, i have the same Minecraft skin as you!!