Published on December 24, 2020 (Updated on March 26, 2021)

Cat skin pack version 1.1

I have created a skin pack for myself and my YouTube channel and this is the skin pack I use for myself. If you would like to use it for fun or in your Minecraft worlds you can but I only ask that your don’t use it for YouTube in any way such as in a YouTube channel or video thank you. And some of the skins are inspired by different games.

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At least 1 skin is added every update and the newest skins are.

  1. Bunny-mask-cat
  2. Ninja-cat
  3. Everettgamer265-cat

In my next update there will be blank-onesie-cat. (Have fun guessing the animal)


  • Tops-cat-pack-1.1_1616783344.mcpack

Supported Minecraft versions

Cool skinpack :)
kinda weird asking but could i get the png for the original cat skin?
Could I use one of thiese for my yt channel pls?
Depends I don’t want you using it as like your main YouTube skin but just use it hear and there as long as u give me credit
Your obvious a furry No star
Don’t assume things about people and btw I’m not I just like cats
Crazy cat man/lady confirmed
i mean doing this just because you think that he/shes a furry
is rude as shiz