Cave Escape [Puzzle]

Test your Minecraft Skills with Cave Escape! You wake up to find yourself in a mysterious cave with a dungeon-like environment. You need to escape but it will not be easy. Are you up to the challenge? No-one is there to help you!


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this was amazing!?????
that was the beast map I played
Thanks for not!
Hahahahahahaha very nice map
thanks for no adfly
Hi and thanks for the feedback. As a division of SupDroid Studio, we believe the customer always comes first, and we believe is an unsafe website and inconvenient for players trying to download. Hence, we promise never to provide links that redirect to spam / malware / inappropriate sites - we make sure the link goes to Mediafire only, as we believe Mediafire is the easiest website for downloading files.
Your School Escape map was great, lets see what this has in stall!
We are confident you'll enjoy playing! Thanks for commenting!
Amazing well presented
Hi and thank you for the feedback. We will continue to develop maps like this prior to feedback from you and others!
Thank you for the feedback. Stay tuned for more maps made by us!
The "ote" header in the description is supposed to say "Note". Sorry about this issue, but we are unable to edit the description unless we update the whole map.
Its fine and Thursday I have a class field trip so me and my friends will be playing your maps!!!
Hi and thank you for the feedback. We are glad you are enjoying our maps and will continue to create amazing maps in the future. Thanks again for supporting.