Published on March 16, 2021 (Updated on March 16, 2021)

Caves & Caves

Given waiting for the new caves on the Bedrock edition platform, OS I bring a template with new types of cavernous biomes and spectacular generations, like a new type of cave ...

LushWe start with the first biome:

                       The Lush Caves

Lush Caves !! A fascinating environment with fascinating flora and fauna. Beautiful shiny vines and spores everywhere. A perfect place to spend your days under the underground.

Currently Lush Caves is generated from biomes !! Yes, cavernous biomes !! And you know what they say, if there is an azalea tree there will be a Lush Caves very close!

let's continue with a very dangerous biome .....

                         Dripstone Caves

An aggressive and lava-filled environment, it goes without saying that you can die instantly upon entering this cave ...

With huge heaps of Stalactites and Stalagmites and an extensive curve covered by a long lava lake. I think you will like this environment if you are a good explorer.

Technical steps.

- Improved cave generation

- Surface height increased from 64 blocks.

- Adaptive performance.

- Underground aquifers and aqueducts on the surface.

- Caves lakes

- Dripstone Caves

- Lush Caves


  • Caves & Caves-final.mcaddon

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Now this is a good generation addon i 100% recommended using this for smp’s or survival worlds
Does this addon require Experimental Gameplay?
Anyways good job
It Also Works In My Minecraft Congratulations MidFord 👍👍👍😀😀😀 Caves & Caves In Minecraft 1.16.220 (Beta) or Caves & Cliffs
Really good add on, is there any chance you plan on fixing the glow berry drop issue as my friends lag and can't move on the sever, great job tho
hey i cant find any lush caves and/or azalea trees
help pls
Awesome addon for me to play a bit of Caves & Cliffs, before the big addon comes out in summer!
the vines dropping fruit will build up and lag the game
Yes, i now it, but i am working in a new addon!
Great addon! But can you update this pack with the new lush caves blocks of the last beta?
Your account is a phantom
LinkmasterGamingYT March 18, 2021 at 5:15 pm
I'm in the beta, but the behavior pack doesn't install. It's only the resource pack.
great addon! you could take advantage of the new update that allows you to place blocks up to -64y from and add to deepcaves!
Awsome addon! btw if your game crashes it is because one of two reasons. 1: you are not in beta
2: you forgot to enable caves and cliffs. th reason it crashes i think because the dripstone caves use the dripstone already in the beta
I’ll delete it now
if game crashes move to or
1 or
How do I use this? everytime i join a world my game keeps crashing, and i dont think its a technical issue.
I think you have to be in beta
I love it! This also seems like a great shader, what shader did you use?