Published on September 10, 2019 (Updated on June 27, 2024)

Custom Cobblestone and Basalt Generator

Customize your cobblestone and basalt generator with this addon! You can make your cobblestone and basalt generator spawn any block you want. By default, it spawns all Minecraft ores, including ancient debris, making it perfect for SkyBlock and other minigames that utilize cobblestone and basalt generators.

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ChangeLogs v1.2.4


  • Run command when generated block is destroyed
  • Customize Disable Generator Tag
  • Sounds
  • Generator for specific players or tags
  • New Preview Image
  • New Documentation


  • Migrate to TypeScript and automated compile assets
  • Now particles appear in every corner of the block
  • Fix custom block still spawning even though not enabled
  • Separate Block Configuration for Cobblestone and Basalt Generator
  • Use playSound instead of using runCommand to play sound
  • Use spawnParticle instead of using runCommand to spawn particle
  • Disable generator only when playerBreak, piston or explosion is set to false
  • Total chances are now based on the total chances from all block.chance or mob.chance.
  • ReBalancing Default Netherite Custom Generator
  • Fix some issues


Supported Minecraft versions

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me addons is here:
https: //shrinkme .vip/mcpedl
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I have another idea if you want - basalt gen requires soul soil under the generated block to work. How about a variation of that where you can(by default) add a special block to change the "loot table".
Ores are cool, but you also need dirt and all of them natural blocks. How about additional "loot table" consisting of(but not limited to): dirt, coarse dirt, gravel, grass block, leaves blocks(to have a chance for a different tree sapling), hay block, honey block, slime block, moss block, pumpkin/melon block, any other natural block? You could use them, or you could compost most of them for bonemeal.

[L][C][W] L- lava, W- water, S- special block
[#][S][#]. C- cobblegening happens there, #- whatever.
You basically make normal cobblegen that will do it's normal thing. But, for as long as the special block is present, it will switch to another list of blocks to spawn.

Additionally*, maybe this special block could be a block player would have to grind for. Like an emerald block, since it's green and technically obtainable.

Additionally**, it would be cool if you can make it so the generated grass block(as it generates) could occasionally spawn a random animal on top of itself.

Thank you.
Hmm thanks for the idea, i will add you can add under block to custom generator like basalt generator and so you can overwrite cobblestone or basalt generator using custom generator, if you add under block in the custom generator configuration, for spawning random animal is good idea maybe i will add it later! Maybe with this i think i can make my own one block map xd
I'm curious how I go about making separate lists for the cobblestone and basalt generators.

I can't quite seem to figure it out
Hi what do you mean by separate lists?
As in wanting to make a "cobblestone generator that sometimes spawns overworld ores" and a "basalt generator that also sometimes spawns Nether ores", but I couldn't figure out how to do both without just making a custom generator instead to do one of the two
I tried to automate the cobblegen using various block breakers(modded blocks) or vanilla ways(pushing generated blocks with piston and tnt). Neither method works. It only generates ores when player mines it. When I use mods to mine or a piston - it only generates cobble.

As far as I understood it looks for a player action - block break, and then generates the ore. Could it possibly look for the event of cobblegen-ing instead? So it would set the block as it's being cobblegen-edand not after it's being mined by player?
Would that be hard to do?
For piston and TNT it will be in next update, but for modded block i think its imposible but i will try, can you tell me which mod do you use? If you have any suggestion you can just tell me! Thanks for using my addons
Basic machinery. Google "vatonage" and get it from their site, they have the most up to date version there.

Utilitycraft. There's one here and on Modbay. V2.8

Factory machinery addon. There's a copy here, they also have a link to their site there.
I would give links but it won't let me, so sorry.

I tried those 3. The first two are not up-to-date but somehow work. The third one is updated but is tricky to use. The first two have blocks called ,"block breaker", they break block directly in front of them and they face u when placed. Basic machinery breaker needs a solar panel to work(just stick a red power cable in to it's rear and place solar panel on top of the wire). Utility craft one is the same, but requires no power and needs a hopper underneath it
The third mod has a quarry that mines below itself, in 3x3 - 5x5 area and requires power. U would have to make cobble gen on the side of it, so cobble would generate inside of its working area.
Those are three mods I know of that can break blocks. I would assume they do it differently (technically).
Hey you can update the pack again to v1.1.2 becouse the explosion and piston are now supported in latest version, but for modded thing i'm sorry i can't do it for now until mojang add the feature to check it, but you can push the block first using the piston so you can use the modded block to break the block that already pushed by the piston
Pushing them with the piston would be more then enough. U can pretty much use everything on it now. Even that fancy 5x5 quarry thing, by pushing rows of ore blocks under it.

Thank you.
I've used to build cobblegens with lava+waterlogged stairs, but it doesn't seem to work. It only recognises and works with normal cobblegens, with flowing water. It's not a big deal but it got me confused for some time.

I also tried to add different blocks from other add-ons but it didn't worked for me. I was using the name /give command gave me but to no avail. There's a possibility that I messed up, or maybe it's a mod loading order issue? Or it's simply not supported. Anyway, it would be cool to have this feature implemented (or explained) in future. The mod is perfect for skyblocks, even modded skyblocks. If it could potentially spawn modded blocks/ores it would be great.

The only other thing that bothers me is the speed it spawns blocks with. It does that super fast, almost instantly. It's not really a big deal but it would look more natural with a delay, like the one vanilla cobblegens have.

Thank you.
Hey, thank you for the feedback, i totaly forgot about waterlogged block and for the block delay i will add that later
You can update now, you can download the latest version on "Latest and Previous Version" link
It does work, custom one too. I was even able to make it spawn some modded ores and everything. It even works with old mods that were not yet updated to 1.21. I had to restart my old world(start a new one) for all the features to kick in but that's fine. Custom gen and modded blocks didn't work until I recreated the world. To be fair, the world was pretty old so whatever. It works fine on a fresh one, with all my addons.

It's fairly easy to edit the config as well. I managed to do everything through Total Commander app for android, by turning mcpack in to .zip and opening it as an archive. Total Commander app has an editor feature that was enough to edit the config file and repack the whole thing. You can install addons(on the phone) by opening them with Minecraft app, it imports them in to the game automatically so no problems there. I have to delete the old version manually through settings/storage every time before reinstalling it but that's fine.

Thank you.
how this works? explain me!
how can i get into the world forlder
Android/data/com.mojang.minecraftpe/files/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds/(find your world folder)/behavior_packs/CustomCobb/scripts/config.js

(User)/AppData/Local/Packages/Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekb3d8bbwe/LocalState/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds/(find your world folder)/behavior_packs/CustomCobb/scripts/config.js
i don t no how that works
If you want to change the block you can just follow the tutorial on configuration part of the description
can u help me i dont no how to change the %
Sure! you can change the chances/percentage on the config.js file at scripts folder
and there is block chance at
{ name: "BLOCK NAME", chance: 0.1 }
that you can make the number higher like from 0.1 to 0.2 or higher

if you already add this addons to a world, you can change the config.js on the world folder