Published on January 06, 2022 (Updated on January 05, 2022)

Cheetah Client v2.0 [CC]

Cheetah client is a optimizer for bedrock edition it gives you a immersive clean UI and extra fps on game a cheetah client for bedrock edition created to enhance your gaming experience     

More stylish & perfect UI

  • UI screen layout enhanced
  • more clean UI
  • new java panorama
  • title screen mark
  • game custom watermark
  • shading optimization enhancements (for shaders)
  • fast multisampling algorithm
  • anti-aliasing for particles
  • removed beta statics on top of screen
  • better grass textures sometimes doesn't works
  • it really gives u at least 5+ fps
  • improve camera offset by refractions you can only use 60 fov customizing can cause glitch


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Umh, yup the logo is a part of client  pls accept


download the pack follow the instructions from on game settings since new renderdragon 1.18 changed the file directory


Supported Minecraft versions


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nice client btw, it makes my experience at pvp better
add green hearts and green sky next time and also make it green and black themed client next time
I am the creator of trans Ui (Transparent Ui) and your textures are exactly the same as my Ui!
Did I give you permission to take my pack textures?
You are right, but you should credit the creator in this page to avoid complaining.
Oh... I guess it is a fine texture pack but... Next time "inform" me that your about to use my Ui. Sorry for the inconvenience.