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Cheminex Beetle V1 Addon

I'm Introducing to you the own car that I made from a car in 1938 called Beetle so now I originally call "Cheminex Beetle"  

So this car have very unique design which is make sense why I call it cheminex beetle and also has a cool beetle sounds.

Do not copy or play with the
Code without my permission


•Have Wheel Animation

•Controllable Steering wheel

•Have 2 Seats

For now this add-on just have one texture
Because Texture is very hard but keep an eye for my future updates
So like I say it's a beetle from 1982 but it have different model because it's not what I meant to make...

Do Not Claim This As Your 
Own Addon

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Coming Soon:

-Working Speedmeter

-Different Texture's

-Glowing Lights

-Side Mirror


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