Published on July 31, 2021 (Updated on September 15, 2021)

Chil's PvP

Chil's PvP is a resource pack made to aid the player during combat by shrinking some common item textures used in combat so as to reduce it's obtrusiveness (Not taking up too much space in the player screen) or by making certain equipment and projectiles glow in the dark (No it does not emit light) and more!

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+Chil's PvP is now split into 6 pack to allow for customizability, these packs include:
 -The main pack with features that do not fit any other smaller packs
 -Colored Block Borders which gives blocks with color variants a border, you can choose between borderless    glass and bordered glass with the pack settings (the gear icon) and even pick between the medium and low  contrast pack
 -Block Borders for blocks that do not fit any of the border packs such as stone, netherrack, obsidian bedrock etc
 -Ore Borders which gives ores the border of it's material to help separate it from it's background material
 -Highlighted Projectiles which gives projectiles a bright vibrant texture and make them glow in the dark to help      you see any possible incoming range attacks. You can change the pack settings to use the vanilla textures and  still keep the glow effect with the gear icon

+Tweaked Emerald Ore border texture
+Added border texture for Stone, Andesite, Diorite, Granite, Bedrock, Obsidian, Crying Obsidian, Glowing  Obsidian, Cobblestone, Mossy Cobblestone, Wooden Planks, Netherrack, Endstone
+Added Border texture to Concrete Powder, you can change between medium and low contrast with the pack  settings
+Tweaked all colored block border textures to be consistent and have a slightly weaker border contrast.
+Added a low contrast border option for colored block borders

+Added brighter textures for Netherbricks, Chiseled Netherbricks, Cracked Netherbricks
+Added brighter textures for Obsidian, Crying Obsidian and Glowing Obsidian
+Overhauled Grass side, Snowy Grass side, Podzol side, Mycelium side, Dirt Path side, Crimson and Warped  Nylium side to not use the blocks top texture
+Overhauled Grass Texture
+Added softer texture for Dirt, Rooted Dirt, Coarse Dirt, Dry and Wet Farmland

+Added Placeholder texture that replaces the steve texture for when skins fail to load
+Added Backface Culling to Player models which help you to see things when your camera is in a player

+Added Highlighted Textures to Ender Pearls
+Added Highlighted Textures to Dragon Fireballs

+Brightened up wooden equipment outline
+Tweaked Netherite Leggings Item Texture

+Added a ReadMe file to each file

+Fixed the gray box in the middle chests in pocket UI
+Fixed the strange border in Potion Effects Screen

Known Bug: Personas uses placeholder texture and capes become invisible due to the backface culling for players feature


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Honestly I love this texture pack, if i was told to rate it i would give a 10/10 but theres a slight problem for when i try to use it, ever since i updated 1.18.6 i think thats when everytime i would try and join a world, realm, or server my whole game would crash, and it wasnt just me it was also happening to my friend to, if you could update it and hopefully fix the issue i would really appreciate it, both me and my friend loved using this texture pack for both pvp and survival and we really want to use it again. Thank you and have a great day
bro same here
This isn’t a problem with ur pack but for some reason it dosent work with one world and it says “this pack is missing “ idk hot to fix it. I tried to download it agin but it isn’t doing anything. What shoudl I do ?
best texture pack ever!
Great mod just 1 thing enchanted tridents dont show up for some reason but unenchanted tridents do
arrows are invis for some reason
are you able to update it?
I'm not fan of smaller items but I do like the texture pack
For some reason enchanted armor is invisible :(
so cool for mcpe
which of the 6 packs changes the unloaded skins
It is the main one with small items, transparent ui etc
Can I use another shader with it is ti compatible with another packs? 2) will u add sky? so it looks better than default sky
I don't currently have plans to add more features to the pack yet, though *maybe* i'll consider a custom sky, its not going to be too different of course, it'd still have to feel vanilla
excuse me,for some reason enchanted armors are invisible and i wish they were visible
perhaps you had other packs enabled, ive tested the armor before and they seem to work fine
Great pack can i use this in a pvp client?
Super clean pack, really enjoyed PvPing with this one! Only gripe for me is the highlighted projectiles; I prefer the original textures tbh. Maybe make a separate subpack for that, such that players can freely choose between highlighted and vanilla textures
thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinions! I will gladly put pack extensions in my priority list! :D
Everything else is also really well-optimised, kudos to you for the effort you put in :)
there is a setting in the projectile pack that only makes them glow and not make them into a glowing german flag.