Published on December 16, 2019 (Updated on June 14, 2020)

Chocobo Expansion 3.4.2 (Realms File Issue Fixed)

A new add-on that adds new items to the game and the most interesting is a new creatures such as Chocobo and mog vendor. All this will help the player to better and more efficiently, explore the world of Minecraft, as well as its individual parts and places. New Entity is presented in several types and each of which Chocobo has its own unique abilities.

Please note that these creatures do not change anything in the game except vendor they add Horse saddle and armor item but they are expensive!

-1. Green: the most powerful creature in the world of Minecraft. ( Jungle biome) 

-2. White and Yellow are generally not so strong, it is easiest to tame them. ( Plain & Cold biome for white) 

-3. Red: This créature can also jump 22 blocks up. Can use a nether portal. Adds player résistance to fire. (Mesa Biome) 

-4. Blue: receives damage from falling , they run on water.( Ocean biomes)

-How to tame Chocobo?

In order for the player to tame new creatures, he should use a special fruit called gysahl. The player can make soup to get an additional effect. 

This fruit is sold by a special Mog trader. You can find them in the different biome, in other places there is very little chance that you will meet him, but still, it is possible. 

-----------------------------------------------Chocobo Behavior

  • 1. Breed: gysahl red
  • 2. Follow owner: gysahl of same colors too the creatures 
  • 3. Heal: gysahl green 
  • 4. Chested & saddled: use chocobo saddle 
  • 5. armor: Chocobo armor (they add 10 healt to entity) 

  • 1.  Tamed: golden carrot 
  • 2. Breed: golden carrot 
  • 3. Follow owner: golden carrot 
  • 4. Heal: golden carrot 10 healt 
  • 5. Chested & saddled: normal saddle 
  • 6. armore: horse iron armor (they add 10 healt )


-How to tame Mog? 

The player to tame Mog just needs Diamond gil and diamond block when Realms, when they are tamed they follow onward, you need to put weight on the slot 2 of equippable item for their stop follow us!

Mog Vendor Full version

  • Pink: Mog Farmer sell gysahl. 
  • blue: Mog Economy they are different way to get gil. 
  • Green: Mog Cooker sell all type of food of this addons. 
  • Orange: they get rendom trading tab.
  • White: Mog Utility sell all item needed to controle tamed entity

All mog spanw at Plain and savana biome at moment!

----------------------------------------------- Mog Behavior

  1. Chested: Tamed
  2. Become Chest: wiegth Kg (Locked chest) 
  3. become hopper: hopper  
  4. Follow owner when vendor: Diamond gil  
  5. Heal: Chocobo Curry give 20 healt point  
  6. tamed: Diamond gil

  • Chested: chest 
  • Become Chest: iron block (Locked chest)
  • become hopper: hopper 
  • Follow when vendor: Diamond block 
  • Heal: golden carrot give 20 healt point 
  • Tamed: Diamond block

----------------------------------------------- Types of Soups: 

  • 1. Green: Adds a speed effect for 15 seconds. 
  • 2. Red: fire resistance for 15 seconds. 
  • 3. White: the ability to see at night for 64 seconds. 
  • 4. Yellow: slows down the fall for 15 seconds. 
  • 5. Blue: It gives you the ability to breathe underwater for 128 seconds. 
  • 6. Curry: regeneration for 4.5 seconds;Steak / Wings: Just to restore character saturation.

List of mob they give gil in loot table

-pillager , witch , vindication_illager , skeleton , zombie , zombie_pigman


L'op Publication community

- Discord L'op français

- Discord L'op English




-Use Realms Version for server

-Experimental for Complet version 

Make a backup of our world when your install this add-on i don't have any responsibility about loose and crash they can cause! Remember this addons are in beta and they have chance to give any issu!

Select version for changelog:


Fixe realm file corrupted and add carrot to tame yollow ans white chocobo for other use golden carrot

-on the next update ill try to add new armor and close this project on official version ill have started new add-ons with all right reserved dint use know content they are use on video game or movie !


- Enable expérimental gameplay ( Complet version )   

- select and activate the behavior pack and the resource pack will automatically be activated !

- /fonction chocobo for get item in creative ( Official version )

- you can report bugs or give some suggestion to improve this addon on my discord server and support my twitter

- Note: this is a beta version there's a possiblity for bugs or crash your game, we recommend to make a copy of your world before activating this add-on 


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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4.24 / 5 (25 votes)
can u get it on xbox with files explorer if not pls make it so I can and can u add the gold flying chocobo
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The file for Realms is corrupted, it won't let me open it with Winrar and it says it has 0 bytes.
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use link on web site they suposer work if not just use last version they work with new texture , im sorry about issu ill fixe it in few i actualy work slowly to add new armore and behavior !
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Guest-9822367346 May 10, 2020 at 8:19 pm
Realms version are 0bytes :/
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Seems like golden carrots won’t tame the chocobos in realms
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En la versión de realms me dice que el archivo no es un .zip valido
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Can you make "Mine Little Pony Expansion" with rideable behavior with MLP npc and with sounds please
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No. My little pony would be horrible
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Realm version doesnt work, theres no egg and no spawning
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probly issu just use old vestion beh atm ill fixe it tonight!
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I don't know why, but you need to download our world and you install add-ons on after just use play on realms and replace your actual file that work for me!
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The addon isnt working for realms, the spawn egg dont exist so the chocobos dont spawn anywhere
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they actualy work on world withtout experimental but ya in realm ill seen noting ill investigate more after my work!thx to report
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Hi Lezargv, I'm very interested in your work, and I was wondering if you were open to doing paid commission work? If this interests you, please reach out to me on twitter @Eggmaninc, or through discord at Egg#6870. Thank you!
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For some reason, I can't find a special fruit called 'gysahl'. Is it only me who doesn't have it? Please help me I'm actually really eager to be having it actually functioning properly.
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just if use realm 3.3.8 version they are carrot and not custom item if not just need to found mog farmer vendor they spanw near vilage plain though ill looking for add seed but actual api ar so limited though i think way to use entity as like fruit but ya ill make litle break of this addons after 2 big month to do just that!If any issu though ill fixe it fastly!(For vendor ill make test tonight if issu ill make update!)
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Thx too report just farmer vendor spanw with rendom tab and have chance to sell anytin and not fruit but they can spanw with nomal tab too ill just fixe that and put update fastly thx too report!
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Make sur ur active expérimental gameplay on full version becaus custom item can be seen if they are not!If cant use expérimental use realms version!
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Porque no me aparece las verduras que agregas para domar al chocobo
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yea i found too but im not best to for make entity texture though ill promise to try make it better on next update!
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This addon is good
But I think u need to change tetxure of Chocobo
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yea i found too but im not best to for make entity texture though ill promise to try make it better on next update!( Ill have close this msg on wrong comment but thx to sugestion)
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Not to be picky or anything, but at least in English the description is full of grammatical errors.
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Edit: it's also full of spelling errors, too.
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Yeah I blame Google for poor Spanish translation.
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the download is fine but when I enter the game the eggs are black and there are no chocobos or mog or mounts, how can I fix it?
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1 use this link for file there link are good ,on mcpe il have shage wrong file but tomorow at 13 pm that ill be fixed when dev accepte my update!
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I'm so bad for publishing stuff though I make experience to be better next time and with my future project! im just so sorry about all trouble though!
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I was make mistake when add file use mu wesite for use verssion 3.3.7 ill add tomorow!
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