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Published on April 30, 2015 (Updated on April 30, 2015)

chocolate for days: Four Diamonds Under Spawn

The environment in which you spawn is on an sand island with the closest mainland being a birch forest biome. To find the diamonds you have to dig down to the deepest depths at spawn.

To find the exact location where to dig have a look at the images below.

Dig down at the sand as seen in the image below.

It takes a lot of digging before you reach the diamonds. Make sure that you don't fall into the lava because the diamonds are just one block level above where the lava is waiting in masses.

It's definitely a great seed if you want to get your hands on some diamonds instantly.

Seed: chocolate for days

Seed ID

I found exactly 83 diamonds and 12 villages, a rare tall birch forest, 4 witch huts, 7 igloos,and 3 strongholds, all of witch had at least 2 dungeons inside, and i also found 9 dungeons. (excluding the ones in the strongholds)