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Published on November 26, 2017 (Updated on November 26, 2017)

Christmas Hats Heads Pack (Beta)

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Amazing! I love it!!
But, The Awesome thing is I met Notch! (At MineCon 2016)
It's Cool But Could You Make It So It Doesn't Show Santa's Face?
How to change the models of the head?
HI Im UltraXGamer2k17 Well Thats My Channel!!
Does it change the player's head? If it does not and it works with non-beta , I will download. ;)
Yes it does
Doesn't work!!! Shows Santas face but no hat!!!!
It only works with the beta for 1.2.6
Try again bruh don’t cry!
Why not try to use a helmet to make?
This looks great! Would you please make a custom heads resource pack that adds small versions of blocks like TNT?
You could just find the texture on the internet then add it in with a file manager that is what I usually do when I want to change a minor detail in an add-on