Published on December 09, 2019 (Updated on November 27, 2022)

A Christmas Nightmare

Christmas time!! And you're definitely on Santa's naughty list.

Santa and his merry band of Elves are hard at work, preparing for your visit. And waiting. Waiting. Just. For. You.

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  • Added the terrifying Big Elf
  • Added a new, huge workshop
  • Fixed Sled Santa's boss bar and increased health
  • Added levitate attack to Fireball Elf
  • Made present immune to fire
  • Made normal Santa more deadly
  • Increased Sled toughness
  • Added new drops to Santa, Elf, Presents and Sled Santa



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On the second week of Xmas my teacher gave to me...
5 all nighters
4 hrs of homework
3 mental breakdowns
2 thoughts of dropout
& a month of anxiety
this was from a reddit post btw i just thought it was funny
Great map! I was wondering if I could do a YouTube video on your map on my channel Colopsal?
As of 1.14 jingle bells no longer plays. This is truly a sad day
It's back! V2 fixes a bunch of things. 🙃
Awesome mod also u should check out a YouTuber called Mr.pogzamora and Mr. Crayfish they both use mods and mr.crayfish makes mods so he can give u ideas on what to make merry Christmas to all and Happy New year
Can u do one for dears and camels
I cant see any of the mobs lol
This is literally one of the funniest addons I have ever seen. I really like it! I was laughing so hard! The elves were more powerful than I was expecting. Keep up the good work, and Merry Christmas!!!?
I should use this for my map thanks for making this addon
very good addon but can you add krampus?
Very Epic Dex and Dad I love it great job Also Mery Christmast