Published on December 26, 2020 (Updated on December 26, 2020)

Christmas Presents Addon

It's that time of the year! Halloween time go trick-or-treating!! Wait.. wrong holiday. Merry Christmas!! This addon adds 8 tiered presents hand-wrapped by legopitstop himself. Be careful not to stomp on them. Will you get a good or bad present?

Christmas Presents Addon

to The Minecraft Community

from Legopitstop

I present you with Christmas Presents datapack! This addon simply adds in 8 presents! Below you can find all the loot that it will drop each present acts as a tier. the higher the tier the better chance that you will get good loot.



In creative / cheats you can get all the presents by running the following functions

/function give:present/all


To craft these presents you will need to first craft the wood tiered present.

To upgrade to the next tier click on the placed wood present.

Placed present  Item to upgrade present

  • wood              cobblestone
  • stone              iron ingot
  • iron                 iron ingot (this will be copper ingot once added)
  • copper           gold ingot
  • gold               diamond
  • diamond        emerald
  • emerald        netherite scrap


Each tier increases your chance to get good loot. Break the block to get loot.

good/bad percentage

Tier          Bad  Good 

Wood       90%  10% 

Stone        80%  20% 

Iron           70%  30% 

Copper    60%  40% 

Gold         50%  50% 

Diamond 40%  60% 

Emerald    30%  70% 

Netherite 20%  80% 

You can get the below items with any tier. The top being common, the Bottom being rare.


  • Stick (1-3 Count)
  • Coal (1-3 Count)
  • Coal Block
  • Leather Helmet (randomly damaged) 
  • Leather Chestplate (randomly damaged) 
  • Leather Leggings (randomly damaged) 
  • Leather Boots (randomly damaged)


  • Milk Bottle
  • Cookie (1-3 Count)
  • Name Tag
  • Netherite Scrap
  • Diamond (Amythest Crystal once added)
  • Enchanted Book (enchant with levels
  • Santa Hat
  • Santa Chestplate
  • Santa Leggings
  • Santa Boots


Custom Santa Armor like a suit.

All 8 presents

Use the presents as decor to!!

Select version for changelog:

Added more screenshots of the in-game content and fixed the addon icon on MCPEDL.


1. Click one of the links to download . (.mcaddon)

2. Once you have downloaded click the .mcaddon file.

3. It should automatically open Minecraft and install a behavior and resourcepack.

4. Make sure to have the Holiday Creator Features in experimental gameplay ON.


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bruh this is causing the devaluation of diamond and netherite, u good? this making it WORTHLESS. to ez to get.
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