Published on December 26, 2020 (Updated on December 26, 2020)

Christmas Texture Pack HD

It's Christmas time, how about a beautiful and well made texture to decorate your Minecraft Bedroock! With Christmas items, blocks and paintings! And with several Christmas songs that play in the background while you play and enjoy this beautiful texture!

Creator:YouTubeTwitter,, Website and Discord Group 

 This custom texture will bring several Christmas decorations to your Minecraft Bedroock! You can use the trap doors to make your Decoration, Paintings and items. The Dyes have been transformed into Christmas ornaments, where you can use the Frame to decorate your Christmas tree. Custom heads have been turned into Gifts and while you play you can listen to various Christmas songs playing in the background. And all biomes are snowing! Several other news available! Check it out now!

Demo Map



By:DarkFilmz Productions

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  • Fixed Bugs in the Texture
  • Added New Blocks
  • Added New Christmas Music
  • Added New Flowers Decorations
  • Fixed the Paintings

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4.5 / 5 (2 votes)
I liked it, but some textures didn't really fit, which is fine, but not updated for newer Minecraft ver. :/
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Why is it adfly bro do another website like
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This is ... Just AMAZING it's super pretty hopefully they grow more, good luck
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