Cirno Fumo Boss V2

If you know about Touhou then you will probably know what is this all about, this addon added a bullet hell type boss into your world with custom particle and bullet pattern

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  • Changed all bullet render to look more blooming and glowy
  • most bullet now can aim at the target direction
  • Changed the music to use /music
  • Changed most bullet model 
  • Revamped the behavior and pattern of the bullet
  • changed the particle render to look more nice
  • Changed the item behavior and texture



Supported Minecraft versions

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Heart this comment if he must create a Touhou add-on
"I will heal everytimes you die"
can you continiue your batim addon to be in 1.20.10? also there's an error when spawning ink demon: error : file 15 not found, and it kicks us outta world
Map link?
Another random mod to add to my world. I wonder if SCP-096 can beat her. Now to find some touhou music.
Maybe I should made some high quality shitpost sometime like this
The best boss fight ive ever seen it took me like 9-10 minutes to deafet her thx for making this addon bendy😂👍
BendyTheDemon18 Don't worry don't listen to people who don't do it properly You gave it so I saw Lc studio MC curse at my friend I want to put it on facebook if I do that I never say a word to lc studio MC how many people curse I personally don't because I'm your Fan, so I don't curse so we're friends BendyTheDemon 18
Im from VietNam too
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WHY I FIND THE Gohei fake